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  1. Kragey

    NARS Sheer Glow: to buy or not to buy?

    Hey, everyone! Long time, no post. :) I'm very pale: my neck is about N5 on the MAC scale, and my face is N15, so I like to try and get something that's at LEAST N10, if not lighter. I also have neutral-cool undertones, but they're cool yellow, not pink, which can make it even harder to...
  2. Kragey

    Green to go with that bright red hair.

    I wore this a while ago, but just took the pictures off of my camera today. PS, QOTD: "Whenever men and women straighten their backs up, they are going somewhere, because a man can't ride your back unless it is bent." --MLKJr. EYES: Too Faced Shadow Insurance L'oreal Telescopic...
  3. Kragey


    Any tips on how an NW15 gal can wear Plumfoolery? Love the color, but it's so incredibly pigmented that it just EXPLODES on my cheeks. For the record, I can't stipple; it hurts my cheeks.
  4. Kragey

    First FOTD in, like, a thousand million years!

    Sorry about the color oddity. I live in a basement, so I take my pictures in the bathroom and use my camera's tungsten lighting setting, which can get a bit screwy. Also, my lips were more peachy today, not that pink. :/ EYES: DeLeon eyeshadow primer UD Deluxe Shadow Box (Honey...
  5. Kragey

    Making Tinted Lip Balms and Tinted Lip Conditioners

    YouTube - How to make tinted lip conditioners and balms! With a special cameo voice over from my dad. :P Sorry about the naked face and the PJs, but the only time I could find a modicum of privacy was at about 1:30 in the morning.
  6. Kragey

    Special Effects Nuclear Red on natural hair...worth it?

    I refuse to bleach my waist-length hair or use permanent dyes, but I've always loved crazy hair colors. For the past year or so I've been checking out Special Effects dyes, which have amazing colors...and I've noticed that a lot of times, when the person getting dyed bleaches their hair, it's...
  7. Kragey

    Thank God for tupperware!

    Finally reorganized, after years of having this in messy drawers. Thank God for tupperware! YouTube - Reorganized makeup collection! Eureeka! I still need to get a desk drawer organizer for the brushes, and a few more tupperware containers for the pigments drawer and to split up the lipsticks...
  8. Kragey

    Project 10 Pan!

    Has anybody here ever tried this? I'm starting a round after I graduate. YouTube - Project 10 Pan: Let round 2 commence!
  9. Kragey

    Looking for an affordable face sunscreen, SPF 25 or higher!

    I'm going to Hawaii for a conference this July, and my brother--who tans like woah--put the fear of God in super-fair-skinned me and told me how easy it is to burn. Now, I use the Hard Candy tinted moisturizer, which has SPF 15, but I want a little more to use under that, preferably SPF 25 or...
  10. Kragey

    Hair newb question: how do you add lift to your roots?

    I am an absolute newb when it comes to putting styling products in my hair (and I still don't do it often), so bear with me! I have very fine and obnoxious, but also very long and corkscrew curly, hair. I've recently found ways to keep the corkscrew curls in my hair without having the weight of...
  11. Kragey

    Storing tons of itty-bitty perfume bottles?

    I have a couple of average-sized perfume bottles, but I mostly buy samples so I can switch scents often. Hence, I have tons of tiny perfume bottles balancing precariously on the back of my sink. They constantly fall over and I'm afraid of them breaking. I've tried putting them in to small cups...
  12. Kragey

    My nails turn yellow no matter WHAT I do!

    I've gotten in to nail polish over the past year, and I've always been pretty careful. I use a layer of clear polish, then a basecoat, and then I apply the polish and cover it with a topcoat. And yet, no matter how many barriers I try to put between my nail and the colored polish, they ALWAYS...
  13. Kragey

    I'm scared.

    About 10 minutes ago, I ran downstairs to check the mail. As soon as my older sister saw me heading towards the door, she shouted out, "No letters!" She's talking about letters from the graduate schools I applied to. I applied to 6 graduate schools--Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Eastern...
  14. Kragey

    Looking for affordable but "gentle" exfoliators!

    I've been using the same tube of St. Ives apricot scrub for about 2 years now, but honestly, I worry that it's a little too rough on my skin. I want to look for something a bit gentler that will slough off dead skin without possibly microscopically tearing my cheeks to shreds. :P The two I've...
  15. Kragey

    Is mineral oil really bad for your skin?

    Lately I've been reading tons of conflicting stories about mineral oil. Some people say it clogs your pores and causes breakouts, others say that it's just fine and will not clog your pores. To be quite honest, I never thought a whole lot about it; I know that my Mehron makeup remover has...
  16. Kragey

    Shea butter for the uninformed!

    I know that shea butter is a great moisturizer and that it's in my body wash (St. Ives' Oatmeal and Shea Butter), but my knowledge base just about stops there. D: I know that tons of ladies here use shea butter, so if anybody could tell me what they know about shea butter and its uses, I would...
  17. Kragey

    Setting up Paypal for charity...?

    I have some BNIB, never opened Max Factor lipsticks that I've been trying to figure out what to do with. For the past week, I've been considering selling them off super-cheap and having all of the proceeds go to the American Red Cross to help out with the situation in Haiti. Does anybody know...
  18. Kragey

    Foundations that aren't freaking YELLOW!

    I have been on the search for my HG foundation for almost a decade now, and I still haven't found one. Now, there have been several cases where I've liked the formula to bits (Shiseido's Lifting Foundation is the most recent), but every shade was TOO YELLOW! Really, is it so hard to ask for a...
  19. Kragey

    Immature gripe about YouTube videos

    Okay, so I know this is REALLY immature, drives me CRAZY when people do reviews or hauls and can't pronounce even the most basic product names! I'm not talking about crazy names, like "$$$," or if English is not your first language, I'm talking about people who are like, "Oh, I can't...
  20. Kragey

    Quick question: glitter on top of nail polish.

    I'm mid-manicure (LOL), but I decided to use two coats of polish and to press cosmetic glitter on top of the second coat. Can I cover this with clear polish/a top coat to prevent the glitter from shedding, or will that ruin the effect?