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  1. xtiffineyx

    What foundation will give me this look?

    I'm on the hunt for a new foundation. I have acne constantly on my chin so I need something with good coverage to cover the acne & hyperpigmentation left over. I currently use L'Oreal Mineral makeup and I like it, but it doesn't look good until I touch up with it after already having it on my...
  2. xtiffineyx

    Skin making me depressed :(

    Well here's the deal. I have been breaking out since I was 15. I'm constantly broke out on my chin ONLY. I never break out anywhere else. I take very good care of my skin, but in 6 years, nothing has helped. I don't know what to do. They'll be sometimes I'll think it's clearing up, then BAM 5...
  3. xtiffineyx

    No Samples at Clinique?!

    Yesterday I went & got a sample of Estee Lauder's double wear foundation. The lighting was horrible in the store so although the color matched me inside the store, when I went to put it on today in natural light, it was wayyyy to dark. So today I go back to get a shade lighter and while the...
  4. xtiffineyx

    Sephora doesn't have MUFE?

    I went to the nearest Sephora store today to pick up some MUFE HD foundation, but I couldn't find the MUFE ANYWHERE! I figured all Sephora's sell the same things, but I guess not? Doesn't all of them carry MUFE?
  5. xtiffineyx

    The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Products.

    I've been on the search for a moisturizer for my acne-prone, very oily skin and I'm hoping I found it! The Body Shop is having a sale on their tea tree oil products, so I purchased the Toner & the Mattifying moisturizer. I'm going to buy the face wash after I run out what I'm using currently...
  6. xtiffineyx

    Clinique Dramatically Different Gel? And a few other problems...

    I was needing some moisturizing rec's for my oily acne prone skin. I looked at the Clinique Dramatically Different Gel, but I wanted to see what you guys think before I drop 20 bucks on a moisturizer. I have very nice skin all over my face EXCEPT for my chin! My chin looks like a war zone! I...
  7. xtiffineyx

    I got a job! FINALLY! =D

    So, after a week of working, I decided it was time for an update and let everyone know how my new job is going.... I LOVE IT! Seriously, I absolutely love it! Everyone I work with is super cool and nice. It's an excellent work environment, and I'm always busy doing something which makes the...
  8. xtiffineyx

    Rec's for this GORGEOUS gold look!

    It's a video, but it's not very long. If anyone could give me some rec's for the colors in this video and tell me what is placed where I'd really appreciate it! The makeup is gorgeous but they don't give you any product names! *I don't know how to post a video so I'll just post the link...*...
  9. xtiffineyx

    NC25 in Dermablend?

    Hey, so I went back and exchanged my NC15 for NC25 and it's PERFECT! It matches my skin perfectly. I'm so thrilled! Anyways, I bought the studio tech, and I'm pretty impressed with it but the coverage, of my dermablend concealer is much better. My concealer is way too dark though, and I was...
  10. xtiffineyx

    What foundation shade is she in these pictures?

    Does anyone know what color foundation Megan Fox would be in these pictures (the first 2 most importantly)TIA! =)
  11. xtiffineyx

    Disappointing first trip to M.A.C.!

    Okay, so I've been so excited all week to finally go to the MAC counter for the VERY FIRST TIME. It's almost an hour away, so this evening me and my mom go over to get some Studio Tech for my photos coming up. Once I get there I spot the counter and make my way over to get color matched. I...
  12. xtiffineyx

    Photoshoot advice needed!

    I didn't exactly know where to put this, so if it would be appropriate somewhere else then please move it. Okay! So I'm in serious SERIOUS need of advice! Recently a local photo studio approached me to do a photoshoot with them. They said they'd do it for free because they wanted the photos...
  13. xtiffineyx

    Perms, anyone?

    Okay, so normally I hot roll my hair everyday. I have really long fine, layered hair. I use the large velvet rollers on the top layers and then I use hard plastic hot rollers for the underneath (the longest parts). This makes the bottom pretty curly and the top really full and bouncy. So here's...
  14. xtiffineyx

    Ebay Addiction

    I just spent over $30 bucks on this shirt. Yes, That's THIRTY DOLLARS for a shirt all because when I bid at the last few minutes I get ebay fever. I get all shaky and competitive, and any common sense I have completely goes out the window just so I can win the bid. I'm insane. I can't explain...
  15. xtiffineyx

    Any Recs for this look?

    Hollywoodtuna » Blog Archive » Megan Fox Literally I love this look! Everything about it is gorgeous! Any recommendations? It all doesn't have to be MAC, anything you guys think! TIA! BTW I put up a link cause the pictures were quite large!
  16. xtiffineyx

    Dying Long Hair & Static!

    Okay, here's the deal. My hair has a lot of reddish-coppery tones in it so I dye it soft black or dark brown to cover them up. However, every time I dye it, the ends of my hair come out damaged and EXTREMELY staticky. My hair is long, so I have to buy 2 boxes of hair dye, so I usually buy the...
  17. xtiffineyx

    Hola from KY!

    Okay, so I've been mostly a lurker since I've signed up. I've replied in a couple of threads and I made a post in the recommendation forum awhile back, but I've never properly introduced myself. So here goes I'm Tiffiney, and yes that's how it's spelled on my birth certificate. I didn't...
  18. xtiffineyx


    I really love the look of false eyelashes, but I never buy them because I always figured that if you wore them once, you had to throw them away & that seemed like a waste. Can you re-use them? And if so, up to how many times? Any good brands that still look good after a couple of uses?
  19. xtiffineyx

    New here! Help please! =]

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if you guys could help me out with my makeup. I buy all my makeup from the drugstore/walmart, but I'd be open to trying to find something on the net. I don't really know what colors look best on me, but I feel like gold looks good on my eyes, and anything with a...