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  1. Christina983

    vegetable hair color

    Im looking for a vegettable, no chemical hair color. Just want to do a subtle change- deepen my color. can anyone offer any reccomendations or advice of whats good or whats bad.. thank you so much
  2. Christina983

    Stardust Eyeshadow

    Sephora: Urban Decay Stardust Eyeshadow: Eyeshadow these look intresting- anyone try them out yet?
  3. Christina983

    Sunglass Question

    I know this is a long shot but does any one have nay idea of what sunglasses brand or style that Gwen Stefani is wearing in this photo? thanks so much!
  4. Christina983

    kat von D perfumes

    Has anyone smelled kat Von D perfumes yet? any reviews or opinions?
  5. Christina983

    grease paint question

    Good Morning! Ive been reading the threads on the upcoming collections and im confused to as what the grease paint sticks are used for? are they a base or an eyeliner or soemthing else? they look so pretty on the swatches, what is their reccomended use? thanks so much!
  6. Christina983

    Finish Question

    How does MAC decide the finish of a product? For example, what makes russian red a matte lipstick as oppsed to an amp. cream? is the forumila completely different?
  7. Christina983

    Street Style??

    At the risk of sounding dumb what excatly is street style? I see the term all over the place lately but im not sure what it is. thanks!
  8. Christina983

    Sephora FF

    Does anyone know when it starts this year? thanks!
  9. Christina983

    Eye See you

    My first photo post here! I dont like the rest of my make up today so im jsut showing my eyes. CC/recomendations is muchly appricated! What I used: barestudy p/p shroom old gold pigment brownborder eyeliner taupographic shadestick loreal voluminus mascara
  10. Christina983

    CoC Lip liner recc needed please

    Which lipliner would go with Bing! and which one with Kirsch? Im NW20 for reference, I would prefer a creamstick lipliner but I am open to using a pencil if the color is perfect Thank you!
  11. Christina983

    Gash Lipstick

    has anyone tried Gash lipstick yet, how does it compare to the old version of itself? thanks!
  12. Christina983

    UD RoadStripe

    Does anyone know of a dupe for Urban Dacy roadstripe? I would prefer MAC but if not I will take the next closest thing to it! thanks
  13. Christina983

    Gap fall 2008

    does anyone know when the gaps fall collection will be online to buy or in stores? I saw a ad in August Glamour with this sweater that I just really want to have but its not out yet. thanks!
  14. Christina983

    Underside of hair

    my hair is straight with wavy ends and i can straighten it out or curl it really well but the underside of my hair never seems to hold, no matter what product or techinque that I use, the top and sides of my hair will be however i styled it and it wll stay but the bottom just falls flat. Does...
  15. Christina983

    Bronzer/ Blushcreme

    Good afternoon! Im looking for a bronzer but in blush creme formula. the website didnt have any options other than the CCBs. would one of those do? For reference, I am NW15/20. thank you
  16. Christina983


    Which fluidliner do you think is most like Aqualine liquidlast? thanks!
  17. Christina983

    MAC Event!

    im going to the stuido talk event at NYC Bloomingdales next week and I would like to know what to expect. Im going to the AM to PM make up looks class. What is the dress code, will i get a chance at a make over? should I wear make up to the event? thank you so much im sooo excited!
  18. Christina983

    Permanent French

    Hi! My nail tech talked me into permanent french and I really love it so far. Any tips for up keep on these as opposed to regular arcrylics? Do you ever put color over them? Can regular nail polish be applied on top? Thanks!
  19. Christina983

    Blush Rec. please?

    I am an NW20 looking for a purpley blush. I have dollymix, lady blush, and blush baby. I guess something more plumish-pink? instead of the pinks that I have if that makes any sense? thank you!! edit: any blush formula is cool (powder, cream.)
  20. Christina983

    Dry paint pots

    Help! my paint pot is drying out and it wont go on as smooth anymore. any sugguestions??