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  1. gitts

    Foundation Recommendations for extremely dark skin

    Hi Guys, I am NW50 in studio fix but my aunt is much darker than I am. What line can I look at to get some foundation for her? Eleanor
  2. gitts

    Help Green Eye Lashes

    Hi Guys I need some help. I have a white and silver Halloween dress. I was planning as going as a fair maiden, well maybe more chocolate. Now, I have green and black falsies. I need a look that can pull everything together. The lashes are a bright green. Please help!
  3. gitts

    Estee Lauder WHS Sale Haul

    I went to the Estee Lauder Warehouse Sale. Wow, I had a good time lines and all. Here is what I got: Belightful Iridescent Powder Tippy Beauty Blush Powder Stark Naked Blush Other Worldly Blush Mutiny Pigment Jardin Aires Pigment Steel Blue Pigment Quiet Natural Paintpot Lemon Chiffon...
  4. gitts

    Thanks to Nepenthe

    Guys, Nepenthe hooked me up with tickets for the Canadian Markham Warehouse Sale today. My first time ever. I had a bawl! Here is what I got: 179 Brush 182 Brush Bronzescape Solar Bits Scatterrays Solar Bits Brassy Fluidline Sweet Sage Fluidline Sea Me Shadestick Lucky Jade...
  5. gitts

    WOC: Colour Craft

    Girls, I just read the colour story. I am so excited but there is so much to choose from to the point that I dont want to choose. I want everything ha, ha! What are you guys lemming for?
  6. gitts

    Your MAC Collection Development

    Hey Guys I got a rather long question for you. I know there is a thread asking what your first MAC purchase was and there is a traincase and storage section but my question is not only what did you start with in MAC but where are you now and how long did it take for you to get here and where...
  7. gitts

    Newbie from the West Coast

    Welcome to Specktra!
  8. gitts

    Been a-hauling!

    I went to MAC today to get my Grand Duo blushes. I was planning to skip them at first but after seeing some swatches I changed my mind. I went with the intention of getting 4 or 6 of them but only ended up getting 3. The ones I loved the most. Also got a few other odds and ends. Why can't I...
  9. gitts

    My Second FOTD, Specktra inspired.

    This is my second FOTD. My daughter chose to point out, which will also be immediately obvious to you: ‘look mummy, you have two big zits on your forehead’. I decided to post anyway. I got my inspiration from LaciSue’s Super Colourful EOTD. Please excuse the quality I took these with my...
  10. gitts

    My first ever FOTD!

    This is my first FOTD. I decided to be brave and jump on the bandwagon. I hate pictures because they never seem to look flattering. And I have no skills when it come to picture taking. Please excuse the quality I took these with my phone. I look forward to your input. All products ar by...
  11. gitts

    Canadian Specktralites in Toronto

    Hi Guys, I have recently movde to Toronto and I am hoping to make some friends. I have chosen Specktra to start as it has always been so welcoming here and I am sure that people here will at least have one interest that is similar to mine. I would love to hear from and meet some of you guys...
  12. gitts

    WOC and False Eyelashes

    Hi Guys, I would love to know your false eye lashes experience. I have bought a couple but I find the lashes do not blend seamlessly with my lashes. My lashes are very curly and the falsies are very straight. You can see the difference clearly. Well at least I can. What should I do? I...
  13. gitts

    The Dewy Look

    For the longest time I have been fascinated with the "dewy look". Do you think us women of colour can successfully pull this off without looking greasy in an hour? If so, what should I use?
  14. gitts

    False Eye Lashes and Mascara on WOC

    Hi Girls, I really would like to wear false eyelashes. My eyelashes are curly but I would like some length especially for going out at night and special occassions. Here are my issues: 1) Which false eyelashes will work well for my curly eyelashes? 2) And by extension which ones are...
  15. gitts

    Application of Strobe Cream and Beauty Powder

    Hi Guys, I am fascinated by these two products but am not sure how to use them and if they are worth buying. Can you guys give me some ideas? Also which of the beauty powders would be best for my complexion is they are worth purchasing? Thanks in advance for your responses!
  16. gitts

    There is MAC in Liverpool!

    This is my second year at school here at the Univeristy of Liverpool and yet the first time that I have been to the MAC store here in Liverpool. I took my bestfriend with me. She watched as I purchased: Eye shadows: Woodwinked Passionate Naked Lunch...
  17. gitts

    Lustreglass Lipgloss - Tingly Lips

    I recently purchased my first Lustreglass lipgloss. I have used it three times now and I find each time I use it my lips have a tingly, very odd feeling. Has anyone else experienced this?
  18. gitts

    Traveled again so I got another great haul!

    Here is want I got from the MAC counter at the Bay in Square One, Mississauga, Canada: Bamboom Paint Oh Baby Lipglass Love Nectar Lustreglass Desire Lipstick Thrills Lipstick NW50 Studio Fix Ether Eyeshadow Quarry Eyeshadow Lovestone Eyeshadow Arena Eyeshadow Firespot Eyeshadow Eyepopping...
  19. gitts

    I had to travel for my haul!

    We have MAC in Barbados but they are so behind the times. Infact I went there yesterday to see if was a studio fix that suited by new extremely tanned complexion and everyone seemed to ignore. I will not be going back. I travel to Miami last weekend to shop for my sister's wedding. I went...
  20. gitts

    Hi there, my name is Eleanor

    Hello Everyone, I landed on this site yesterday and automatically fell in love. I am 30 soon to 31 and have been using MAC since I was 18 years old. Things were very basic until recently. I have decided to explore the colour spectrum and let go of the brown and bronze colours. This site is...