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  1. DollyGirl92

    NARS Foundation Pump *Spreading the news*

    On the USA site, not the UK one yet but where you select your foundation colour, right at the bottom there is the optional foundation pump for $6! Sorry if somebody beat me to sharing this!
  2. DollyGirl92

    Holiday Make-up...

    I'm going from the UK to Orlando in 33 days! and I'm wondering what to bring with me and what I should just pick up when I'm there instead. I am away for a month so my list is probably bigger than most...I'm also an over-packer! I've got on my list so far... Face brushes - Simga SS197, SE187...
  3. DollyGirl92

    Which NARS Blushes do you think I could pull off?

    I Love the look of orgasm I just don't now if I could pull it off or not? I like the idea of shimmery/glittery blushes so I thought I'd ask what you guys think would work for me? I also love the look of Oasis and Sin but being pale I worry I look ever so slightly darker in that photo than in...
  4. DollyGirl92

    What do you feel you need to 'complete' your stash!?

    I thought I'd make a thread that's sort of recommendation and sharing our love for things! So what things do you feel you need to complete your stash? and what brands/items are you considering for this purpose? sort of like this; here's my list I need... A good under eye concealer/corrector -...
  5. DollyGirl92

    MAC & DHL are in trouble.

    BIG TIME! My Parcel was listed as out for delivery on Thursday the 6th of May and today, it's half past 11 in the morning on the 10th and still no Package! I ordered on the 4th of May and there is still no box. According to my DHL tracking my package has been passed around to 'local couriers'...
  6. DollyGirl92

    Bad Skin getting me down

    It was meant to be me in the title I have dry, sort of sensitive skin and no matter what I try I still seem to have very dry flaky skin, but that's not my only problem, my skin is very lumpy, like every pore is filled with (lack of a better word) crap! I have blackheads but I guess we all have...
  7. DollyGirl92

    Quick! MAC Order! I Can't Pick Which Product To Go For!

    Ordering my To The Beach/Pret-A-Papier stuff and I've decided to buy a cream blush, but I can't decide which to go with it's either; LadyBlush - Demure Cool Pink Flush Posey - Dewy Fresh Rosey Pink
  8. DollyGirl92

    Contouring on pale skin! help!

    I'm in a rut I love the look of a sculpted for of cheek, I'm not exactly sure if it's a contoured look I'm going for or not, I love a look like this (I don't know how to get picture the right size on here, so I've just posted Links)
  9. DollyGirl92

    I need foundation help :( please help me!

    Hi! I am in quite the rut and it's getting me down. I've got really dry and I mean super dry Pale skin, I'm about an NW/NC 10, I'm slightly more cool than warm but not enough to be a defined NW or NC. I'm currently using MAC studio sculpt in NC15 as it seems to run light enough and my powder...
  10. DollyGirl92

    MAC eyeshadow and Brush Recs? small collection and I need help!!

    Hey! I'm going to MAC some time this weekend or next week, and I really want to get some brushes, I only have SE MAC brushes so I won't list those, but what brushes would you guys recommend? I know I need a kabuki brush, a good brush to use with studio sculpt foundation and some good eye...
  11. DollyGirl92

    Hair Help?

    I apologize for the bury-ness, webcam... but it shows the colour of my skin well. so yeah that's me My hair looks more jet black in that picture, but it's more of a 'natural' black. So what colour do you guys think would suit me? Thanks x
  12. DollyGirl92

    Hello Specktra! from DollyGirl92

    Hello! I'm Simone (DollyGirl92). I've been a bit of lurker on specktra for awhile now, so I decided to join as it seems like a great community I'm 17 (18 in April), from the UK, a MAC&Illamasqua addict, and I'm described as part part ghost by my friends and family, thanks to my pale skin. I'm...