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  1. ilurvemakeup

    Color Me Easter Egg

    I have been eating Hersey's Kisses since Friday and was looking at some fun colorful Easter things online. Since I was unable to make any order, I decided to decorate my eye like I would a plain white eggie I'm sorry that the lightning is funky, it was cloudy today so sunlight was nonexistent...
  2. ilurvemakeup

    Copper V Barbie, Please vote 4 me!

    I decided to enter a contest on YouTube under aboywearingmakeup (YouTube - aboywearingmakeup's Channel). You can watch his contest vid (YouTube - 100th Video - Centennial Contest!) My Video - YouTube - ABWMU: 100th Video - Centennial Contest! - Copper V Barbie! He will be posting...
  3. ilurvemakeup

    Coppering Disco

    Something I just wanted to share. After being patient and consistent with my Ardell Brow/Lash Accelerator it just pays off in the long run. Finished Looked Sorry I could only get one, my battery died on me, bleh. I constantly forget to charge them... yeah sad I have 2 and they are both out of...
  4. ilurvemakeup

    My 1st Specktra FOTD

    Trying to do a different take on the whole Myspace mirror pic. My makeup mirror is sexier don't ya think? Face: - Everyday Minerals in Medium Beige Intensive - Everyday Minerals Finishing Powder - Rimmel London Duo Blush (sheesh I forgot the name and it's faded out in the back, I'm sorry. It's...
  5. ilurvemakeup

    MTV's America's Best Dance Crew. Who's your fave?

    I've never been a person who sits in front of the tv and watch people dance, I am more of an American Idol fan. After seeing MTV's Best Dance Crew, I've been hooked ever since! As much as I love Kaba Modern, I am ALWAYS amazed by JabbaWockeeZ Every time they are on, they make me flip out...
  6. ilurvemakeup

    Recs for good hair volumizer?

    I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct spot, if I am I'm sorry. I'm still getting the hang of the site I'm looking for a good volumizing hair product. I'd prefer something that won't make my hair so stiff aka hairspray. Any good products you guys can recommend? Thank you
  7. ilurvemakeup

    The Hills

    Anyone else watch this show? I have no idea why I'm addicted to these MTV/VH1 shows