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  1. mspixieears

    does anyone find...

    I'm sure I'm going to make myself sound incredibly stupid, but does anyone find themselves logging in here or checking through their Traincase thread because it's actually a reference to what they have and don't have in their MAC collection? I find that I do this heaps! In fact, that's why I'm...
  2. mspixieears

    So Ceylon too dark?

    I don't post requests here often unless I'm really stumped, so am wondering, would this be too dark for someone who is NW20/Stila 20 watts/Becca LSC Camel/Nude? (can do Toast only in summer but it's winter here). I'm thinking of swapping away my BNIB Inventive Eyes quad for a BNIB So Ceylon...
  3. mspixieears

    Y & Kei items?

    I know lara posted in another thread above here that somewhere is starting to get stock of Asia exclusives, and wondering, will it be the case for this collection, do you think? Ok, just checked the post lara made, the location is: David Jones MAC in Castlereigh St (Sydney, right...? sorry...
  4. mspixieears

    Are your images not showing in posts?

    I've just noticed that some posts with images that are in the Specktra Gallery are not showing and it has something to do with a coding change, but thankfully it's easily fixed: "(img)" is what the old URL would have been...
  5. mspixieears

    facts on lithium, does anyone know?

    Hi all, I've been resisting posting about this for quite sometime, but seeing as I don't know of anyone who has ever had lithium as a mood stabiliser who is NOT bi-polar, I was wondering if anyone else here has ever had to take it? Please note, I'm not bi-polar, and that lithium is not the...
  6. mspixieears

    the superheroes of shopping

    They mentioned the words "MAC Lipglass" and that was it, I had to sign in just to give you all this link. They even went further and I heard "Lancome Juicy Tube". I have to say, I always wanted to be a superhero where lipgloss would feature prominently as part of my...gimmick...
  7. mspixieears

    my Sweetie Cake stuff finally came!

    No pics, sorry about that. I do plan to do some for the Product Gallery though. I got... Petit Four l/g & Millefeuille petit gloss Rose Topping n/p Softsparkle eye pencils in Iris Accents, Reflecto & Peacocked (Reflecto isn't as dark as I hoped it'd be) Also... Shirelle & Coral Suite n/p...
  8. mspixieears

    amplified creme l/s needed

    It's been a very long time since I've posted in here, so hope you will all forgive the intrusion... So on Monday I discovered the delight that was amplified creme lippies. I'm a massive lustre fan, but have discovered that amplified is the way to go if I want to coat my lips properly so that I...
  9. mspixieears

    where are the past LE products hiding? out them!!!

    Can't remember who said that it was possible that Myer Brisbane still had New Vegas MSF? Is this true? I'm tentatively hunting one down for a fellow Specktra member in the States and if this is true, would love to help her out by getting one of these! Anybody else want to 'out' long-forgotten...
  10. mspixieears

    where are these Glitz Glosses from?

    Was browsing around on here , SonRisa & elusion's MAC gallery and noticed some glitz glosses I've never heard of: Kisscapade, Fleshflash, Discobell & Plumglitz (on next page). Anyone heard about these, or know anything about them???
  11. mspixieears

    discounted MAC products

    I posted a link in the Bargain Hunters forum for a website that does have some select discounted MAC items for sale, thought you all might be interested, so check it out! There's not much, but they still have Test Pattern l/l which I quite like! They are also selling the 2003 Matt Murphy...
  12. mspixieears

    Philosophy bath & body products

    I was just wondering if anyone uses the 3-in-1s, or body souffles? The body souffles are really lovely, I've tried the melting marshmallow one, and have the Muffin Man one (lemon custard) but not yet tried it, and was just looking on Sephora online, and they have new ones! But wow, they're...
  13. mspixieears

    everything in its right place (1st fotd)

    This is actually my first time posting here...mainly because Shawna & Nessa keep asking, and also because I can't believe they're discontinuing Flammable paint! And a cheesy Cheshire cat smile... Lips: Urban Decay Gash lip gunk Eyes: Flammable paint on lids, Blitz & Glitz fluidline...
  14. mspixieears

    exercise - anyone hate it?

    Duh, I'm sure heaps of people hate exercise, but I wanted to know if anyone out there is as odd as me. I don't need to exercise for weight reasons, but don't go out of my way to exercise. I much prefer 'incidental' exercise - walking around the city heaps, playing my musical instrument (which...
  15. mspixieears

    February Challenge #2: Kevyn Aucoin's 'Abstract eyes'

    Pay no attention to the lips - the eyes have it all. Often referred to as the windows to the soul - do show why! Sort of figured that if the eyes were going to get all the attention, then the rest of the face would be down-played. Below, thanks to the lovely and ever-helpful 'Nessa, are scanned...
  16. mspixieears

    The Tyra Banks Show

    Yep, I'm officially pathetic - you all probably knew that, well I'm acknowledging it too. I kind of like her show. Kill me now. Anyone else seen it? If so, what do you think? Late-night TV watching makes for good distraction when I'm typing up my writing crap (which is what I'm doing know...
  17. mspixieears

    the (pre-made & multi-product) palette problem

    I'm sure one day the DSM-IV (that massive book with all the mental disorders legally recognised by many countries) will put in an entry about this... How many of us have palettes too pretty to be touched, used up or just plain forgotten about? My reasoning is that a multi-product palette will...
  18. mspixieears

    pictureless FOTD Mon 16/1-Tue 17/1

    Sorry guys, it's just that it's Mon for you but it's Tue for me, hope you all don't mind, seeing as the last date listed here is 14/1 Very boring but in celebration of my Lingerie order arriving... Of Corset l/g Dervish l/l Jurlique lavender silk dust to keep oil at bay, MD Formulations face...
  19. mspixieears

    Velour disc?

    I was just advising a Specktra user to replace her broken Velour in the Inventive Eyes quad when upon searching, realised that it's been discontinued! When did that happen??? I didn't even see a triangle of death on it. Hm.
  20. mspixieears

    New Year's resolutions - broken yet?

    I made one, I broke it. It was to not bite my lips and I've bitten it. Can't stop it, didn't even realise I was doing it! Grrr!!! I should have said will try not to bite lips so much.