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  1. Lalli


    I recently dyed my hair back to its natural hair color and im hell bent on keeping my hair in good condition this time. Ive been using Tressme{sp?} shampoo/conditioner and it drys my hair out. any good shampoos i could use dont mind how much they cost n wot not, to stop my hair drying out so...
  2. Lalli


    I have naturally wavy sorta hair but after ive washed it I can never get it to look pretty without straightning or using curling tongs.. lol haha Ive recently had my hair colord back to its original color and finally its growing at a decent pace so i dont wana wreck it up.. im tryin to stay away...
  3. Lalli

    Shu Umera

    after seeing the FOTD of another specktrette im in love with those lashes!! anyone used thier products before? they have counters in manchester and london i really want the lashes from thier xmas collection! thought it'd be nice to here reviews about thier products as thier site looks like MAC...
  4. Lalli

    Vegetarian Dishes

    I found a recipie online on how to make lasagne in the microwave. {my oven in my flat doesnt work n they getting a new one so gotta make do with non-oven dishes} anyone tried it.. whats Prego sauce? anyone got any ideas for some vegetarian dishes?? i am a meat eater but need a break from...
  5. Lalli

    Pinky Pink('',)

    I was taken out to dinner by my s/o hehe had fun my earings weighed me down though. My blending skills need work ahh i'll get there eventually right?? xx
  6. Lalli


    umm dunno if this is the right section please tell me off if it is so would anyone whos got photoshop skills {i suck at it} make me a banner thingy with ma pics on it i want one Thank u!
  7. Lalli

    98 year old lady

    My friend sent me this as an email and I can honestly say Ive been peed off with my bank at times because of their answering machines but this lady knows how to get her point accross A 98-year-old American woman wrote this to her bank. The bank manager thought it amusing enough to have it...
  8. Lalli

    Crazy Haul!

    My Haulage over the past month Benefit Non Fiction Volume 6 Bad Gal Eye Khol High Brow MAC Eyeshadows Humid Ricepaper Amber Eyes Bronze Antiqued Honey Lust Khol Smolder x2 Lipgelees Saplicious Dewy Jube Shadesticks Corn Overcase Sharkskin Pigments: Blue Brown Tan Rose Golden Olive Blush...
  9. Lalli

    Pink Traincase!

    I got a PINK TRAINCASE yay I loveeeeeeee it its so nice n meee
  10. Lalli

    Eid 2006

    Well it was Eid over here today for us had a wkd time, was home for a long weekend! yay heres some pics of us all going mad n posing My Sis shes 2 n a half yrs younger than me umm all of us, well almost hard to fit 6 girls in onepic hehe we all want our own frame My lil baby brother...
  11. Lalli

    As Orange as an Orange can be('',)

    well it was Eid today. Mummy bought me an orange n chocolate brown outfit and insisted I wear it. although its not my color i think. v simple pics. i look tired n ew been so tied up with uni was nice to be home for an extended weekend any comments welcome
  12. Lalli

    Super MAC MA's

    You know we always moan about some ma's being bit chy and some being nice well today i was tired and haggard but went to pick up the 191 brush and studio mist blush.. and the MA who served me was deaf and had a few speech problems BUT she made my day because it made me realise no matter how much...
  13. Lalli

    Forced Marriages

    I think this sort of a scenario is more common with south asian people and it sucks, I feel like crap right now Say you had a son, he was a fk bwt and u got him married and he treated his wife like crap, wouldnt you do your best to dissaprove of his actions? You get your daughter married off...
  14. Lalli

    Traincase help!

    umm do any of the UK ladies know where i can buy a traincase/makeup case from! im going to uni in 2 weeks time and desperatley need something to cart my make up around!
  15. Lalli

    New glasses

    After finally learning to love glasses{after getting a eye ulcer due to contact lenses} my mummy bought me some Prada glasses n a Chanel pair been after em 4 ages!! its her present for me passing my exams n shizzle my sis says i have an alien face buh do i suit em or no? oh excuse the...
  16. Lalli

    eyeliner brush

    Real or no? um is it?
  17. Lalli

    Feeling Blue(",)

    me n my bf had a few ups n dwns this week n its kinda stressed me out grr, on top of that movin out to uni n crap buh oh well i'll get there! anyway i felt like doing blue makeup anyone got any tips as to what brush to use to get the excess "glitter" off my face 4rm fallen eyeshadows and the...
  18. Lalli

    Mac 4ver!

    Well i was moaning and moaning for a digi cam and i got a new fne sony erricson K710i and the camera is fabalooooooooooooos! heres a random few pics.. first one is of me at like 2 in the morning and u can see the Honey Lust e/s and smolder khol has lasted ALL day but i look tired n rotten and...
  19. Lalli


    So whats you're countries/town/cities/area's local dish.. what is it knwn for Like in Britain its quite common to hear our tradtional food is fish and chips! lol haha What foods have you tried which originate from around the world and you liked.. and what foods are you scared of trying!
  20. Lalli

    MSF names?

    Hi i just wanted to know was there a msf called COUPE DE CHIC? Thnx