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  1. JesusShaves

    My Lipstick Haul

    i am (right now) on a serious lipstick high... it started two weeks ago with Girl About Town L/S! Now... just tonight i have purchased: Pretty Loud Eager Dream Vacation Tropical Resort Meltdown Vibrant O Impassioned Ruckus Rococo Tortilla Tan Rockin Rudy Tantress Stop! Molassie Please...
  2. JesusShaves

    Face of Long Time Ago :D

    I was going through photobucket and found these.. they are pretty old,heh... i dont think i've posted these anywhere... Im not fond of the yellow, but it was all an experiment
  3. JesusShaves

    Mind Your Head

    gah... i have a hatered for the sony cybershot. Boo to them and their bad quality! But since i've been bored over easter.. some Face Of The Days gone by.... crimsonaire s/s as base lovely lily on lid w/ fix+ sushi flower in crease knight divine, outter blue absinthe, slightly over K.D and...
  4. JesusShaves

    Spread your love... 4 Looks

    Did some MU for a mate last night. Before... ...After Moi... I haven't done any FOTD here... i've been on a au natural kick for a long time. But figured to share these gems... heh
  5. JesusShaves

    Crewing in the theatre

    I so wish i were a dancer I'm working in a theatre for the week (part of my degree course ) Its so mundane & tedious, but i love it! been pushing this thing about the stage for the that past few days. focusing the lights. i wish i could watch dancers all day! Even when they are warming...