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  1. Eemaan

    ***Burn baby Burn....***

    Just some EOTDs...dont think ive posted one in over a year.. Used: UDPP Naked Pigment as base Gold duck to highlight Amber Lights on the lidB-Rich in the Crease Stilleto Liquid Eye Liner Prep n prime lash Mac mascara feedback appreciated. Same as above except the eyeshadows are: Star...
  2. Eemaan

    MAC WHITE Eye Kohl Eye liner FASCINATING

    Hey guys, just wanted to know how you guys like it and whether or not its worth picking up. Its sold out on the website already
  3. Eemaan

    Brush Set Fake

    Im really not sure about this one, are these fake? i dont recall any brush set oming out with a pouch like this
  4. Eemaan

    Nanogold Eyeshadow

    Can someone tell me what so great about this eyeshadow? is just seems like every other blah beige eyeshadow. why did you get and do you regret it?
  5. Eemaan

    So How Many Parrots Did You Buy?

    After all that lemming and hype since the Salsabelle collection, how many did you buy? Go on! confess! Ive ordered two, one for me and one as a gift for my cousin. I'll only ever be using it to line lower lashline and thus dont need more than one.
  6. Eemaan

    Banned Members

    Hi there, ive been using this site for a couple of years now and when ive searched to look for threads started by users who used to be on here (wont name) theyve had their user name removed and replace with "user1" "user2" as a result of being banned. Just a suggestion then, for the sake of...
  7. Eemaan

    Girls Slain by Father

    What an awful story, absolutely tragic. Honour killings have nothing to do with Islam. Link to Story The brother of two teenage girls who police believe were fatally shot by their father this week pleaded Thursday night for his father to surrender to authorities. "I never thought this...
  8. Eemaan

    When Dogs Attack: 1 Year Old Killed

    Family Dog Kills One Year Old Boy This is devatating, It for reasons like this that i could never conceive of having dogs around me or my family and things like this just aggravate my dog phobia.
  9. Eemaan

    Metal X- How was it for you?

    Just wodnering what you guys got from Metal X and how you found it? The colours look absolutely stunning but durability is a put off fro me right now so wanting your opinion? what you get and how is it?
  10. Eemaan

    MAC you LOVE but wont touch

    Any of you love some of your mac that much you wont use it? which items? I love my Holiday 04 i think it was Svorvski Crystal Palettes and havent used them because love them too dearly for their collectors value. Theyre beautiful enough just to look at because their aesthetic value is amazing...
  11. Eemaan

    UK Mac MQueen

    Anyone have a confirmation of when this is out and where?
  12. Eemaan

    Ramadhan Mubarak

    Just wanting to wish all specktras Muslim members a Ramadhan Mubarak. Hope fasting in this month is easy upon you. Remember me in your prayers. Have a great month
  13. Eemaan

    White Powder Stuff

    Ive noticed in many of the tutorials theres a white MAC loose powder used on the face to stop eyeshadow residue/glitter falling on to the face a) What is it called? b) How do you apply it? c) How do you remove it once your face is done? Thank you MissChievous uses some in her tutorial here
  14. Eemaan

    Blush: Honour V Other Worldly

    When the moonbathe collection first came out there was alot of talk about how sismialr these two blushes would be but i have found the complete oppsite. im nc40 and have found Other Worldly to be blush equivelent of the Gold Deposit MSF its that beautiful and sheer looking. Whereas honour took...
  15. Eemaan

    A Mothers Love

    A little boy came up to his mother in the kitchen one evening while she was fixing supper, and he handed her a piece of paper that he had been writing on. After his mom dried her hands on an apron, she read it, and this is what it said: For cutting the grass: £5.00 For cleaning up my room...
  16. Eemaan

    Nars Foundation Primer

    anyone tried this? any good? does it do what it says on the tin?
  17. Eemaan

    MAC & YouTube

    Just made a dsicovery...not sure if you guys have tried this. Theres a lot on there, from seminar snippets, to people poting their mac collections, to mini tutorials to people filimg how long the barbie queue outside one store was. Quite interesting Taster 1 Taster 2
  18. Eemaan

    Lining the Whole Inner Eyes

    How do i line the upper inner eyelid like in the pic and with what?
  19. Eemaan

    Toast of the Town

    Is it brown? is it green? is it maroon? its duochromably stunning! Its beautiful i dont usually wear nail varnish but WOW i had to make an exception for this lacquer hope poppy dont mind me adding this, but her nails show it off beautifully Poppy Z fotd anyone else loving it?
  20. Eemaan

    Irridescent Loose Powder in Golden Bronze

    How do you use this and what is it comparable to already? How does it make you look? what brush do you apply it with? yay or nay? :confused: