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  1. makeupwhore54

    April's Smokey eye.

    Long time no post! I usually do a smokey eye a month When I did my mu to go out to eat I never even though of smokey, but thats how it turned out. I’m still happy with it though and I’ve not been wearing alot of mu so it felt odd wearing full face. Now that I look at it I wouldn’t have put...
  2. makeupwhore54

    Green Green Greeenn!

    I missed doing just green. And I really really like it 8) and will probably get stuck in a green rut again. Face- Covergirl foundation & powder, Maybelline tropical melon blush, and Mac northern lights msf. Eyes-Nyc brow filer, Maybelline curve xxl & great lash mascara. Mac golden olive &...
  3. makeupwhore54

    Goldmine Coppering & Amber lights.

    I got carried away with pictures, but I liked how this turned out. CC welcome as always! mac unless stated. Face-Select spf 15 foundation, Northern lights, Covergirl loose powder & Prestige Ballet eyeshadow ( b/c im cool enought o use shadow on my face lol) I need more blush. Eyes-Nyc brow...
  4. makeupwhore54

    Looking for hair pictures

    Does anyone have pictures of black/dark hair with the underside dyed blonde. I love the look of it and im thinking about getting it done later on. Since I just dyed my hair burgandy.
  5. makeupwhore54


    The inspo was Christine[aka Temptalia] But hers always look amazing. All mac unless stated. Face-Select spf 15 playful e/s[ i dont have hardly any blush & this works nicely] northern light msf. Eyes-Nyc brow filler telescopic mascara. painterly paint pot, aquavert, sattelite dreams &...
  6. makeupwhore54

    Test run for tomorrow.

    This is how I plan to do my mu tomorrow, only blended more and more cover up :P. If you cant tell im really tired. CC welcome. Phloof, Club, Coppering, Humid and Golden lemon; blacktrack fluidline & telescopic mascara on my eyes. With Nyc sungold pink & pink sand on my lips. And select spf...
  7. makeupwhore54

    12-23 fotd

    I think my camera might be breaking alot of my pictures came out orange. Face -Select spf 15 foundation. -Lovestone e.s[as blush]. -Northern lights msf. Eyes -Nyc brow filler. -Loreal telescopic carbon mascara. -Graphic brown fluidline. -Shroom[wash on whole eye]. -White tie[highlight]...
  8. makeupwhore54

    Dark eyes + light lips.

    I bought Holiday 06 lace:6 warm eyes and I got it today. Its awesome I love it. Except my highlight got washed out. Mac unless stated. Face -Select spf 15 foundation. -Northern lights msf. -Maybelline Peach blush. Eyes -Nyc brow filler. -Painterly paint pot. -White tie. -Limo. -Sable...
  9. makeupwhore54

    Giveaway question!

    No its not why isnt there one up for today. I didnt have time to look up the one answer and I really wanted to know it. Heres the question... Q - MAC released 2 lip products for a collection that featured an 'American Idol'. Who was the Idol, and what were the names of the products? What...
  10. makeupwhore54

    Color help.

    I have Club eyeshadow and Mauvement pigment and I love them both but I cant find anything that look nice with them. What do you use with them?? And I want to get a red lipstick from mac, and I dont know where to begin. Im NW20
  11. makeupwhore54

    3 looks.

    Im a slacker lol. For all of them my face is Mac select spf 15 foundation, lovestone e/s northern lights msf and cover girl loose powder. And nyc brow filler, mac painterly paint pot, blacktrack fluidline & Maybelline xxl curl & great lash mascara. 1. Eyes- Mac woodwinked, by jupter...
  12. makeupwhore54

    VIVA LAS VEGAS! & almost no makeup.

    This is my challenge entry for a myspace group, just thought id share since I hardly post anymore. The green is suppost to be the tables and then of course the dice. Sorry I forgot to resize the pictures for here 0_0 All mac unless stated. Face- Select spf 15 foundation, northern lights msf...
  13. makeupwhore54

    *sings* Cos I got the golden ticket! =:)

    My camera doesnt pic up glitter good but I have tons on. And my yellows arent very bright. Face- Dream matte mousse. Covergirl loose powder. Maybelline peach blush & Mac northern lights msf. Eyes-Nyc brow filler. Mac painterly paint pot. Mac e.s in creme royal, goldmine, phloof & black...
  14. makeupwhore54

    re-did my old favorite.

    Wondergrass & Eyepopping was my favorite combo for a long time. So I did it and added to it. Face *Nyc concealer. *Mac select spf 15 foundation. *Covergirl loose powder. *Mac playful e.s [I though it made a nice blush]. *Mac northern lights msf. Eyes *Nyc brow filler. *Mac painterly paint...
  15. makeupwhore54

    pigment fotd.

    I love this! I got the combo from the mac combo list. cc welcome. Face Nyc concealer. Covergirl foundation advanced radiance[I didnt know it was age defying when i picked it up] Covergirl professional loose powder. Mac Lovestone for blush. Mac Northern lights MSF. Lips Jordana lipliner in...
  16. makeupwhore54

    From my Birthday.

    Wow this is the first time ive posted a haul since Aug. So my Mom & Grandma took me shopping saturday and I got one gift early. Since my gram has to fly back to az on my b-day & my mom works. Plus I got a new dell computer. Picture one-2 Maybelline XXL curl mascara. Mac Metallic eyes palette...
  17. makeupwhore54

    warm eyes fotd

    Oh I love the warm pigment set! Theres alot of pictures becuase I used different lighting. all mac unless stated. select spf 15 foundation. northern lights msf. maybelline tropical melon blush. nyc brow filler. painterly paint pot. sunpepper pigment. copper sparkle pigment. lilly white...
  18. makeupwhore54

    Matching lip colors to my skin.

    I'm not really sure where this would go. But anyways im trying to figure out what finery set to get for my birthday. And I love them all well the pictures. I really like the pink & coral the most. But Im not good at matching lipgloss, I put it on and hope it looks right. Any help would be nice...
  19. makeupwhore54


    I used. Face-Dream matte mousse. Cover girl loose powder, Maybelline tropical melon blush. Mac northern lights msf. Eyes-Nyc brow filler. Tropez clear mascara. Blacktrack fluidline. Mac black tied big t carbon and magic dust eyeshadow. Maybelline great lash mascara. Lips-Mac ornamental...
  20. makeupwhore54

    Past fotds

    Ive been a member for a while & just lurked. But I thought id introduce myself with some past work. If you girls give CC that would rock, im always trying to get better.