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  1. Vineetha

    MAC Blue Nectar June 2nd/ June 9th 2016

    Intoxica & Breathing Fire Breathing Fire Intoxica (Love this one)
  2. Vineetha

    Christian Louboutin Beauty -- COMING SOON?

  3. Vineetha

    YSL Discussion Thread

    :tiptoe::rofl:The lighting isnt good at all.:D Very cloudy today.:sunshine: :hmm:But here we go! :twirl: The shadows itself have really nice texture, good color payoff in a single pass!
  4. Vineetha

    Burberry Beauty

    The bronzer!! :heart: This one is fragranced!
  5. Vineetha

    Chanel new le blanc 2016

    t The collection is already out in the boutiques! Picked up the highlighter on friday :D ! Saks mentioned they will get the collection in on Jan 19th!
  6. Vineetha

    Tom Ford Beauty Discussion

  7. Vineetha

    Givenchy Cosmetics

    41 Lune rosee Soft Radiance Powder
  8. Vineetha

    Tom Ford Beauty Discussion

  9. Vineetha

    Guerlain Spring 2016

    The blush!
  10. Vineetha

    Tom Ford Beauty Discussion

    Yes!! :D
  11. Vineetha

    Tom Ford Beauty Discussion

    The new Quads! Honeymoon, Disco Dust,Starry Night, Lilac Dream & Last Dance)
  12. Vineetha

    Dior Spring 2016

    Its here! not the best pics! its kind of cloudy here bt everything is soooo much prettier in person!
  13. Vineetha

    NARS Spring 2016

  14. Vineetha

    Chanel LA Sunrise Collection-Spring 2016

    Picked up just the blush from the collection! :D
  15. Vineetha

    YSL Discussion Thread

    I didn't think i was going to like the e/s palette but it looks pretty here!!
  16. Vineetha

    Tom Ford Beauty Discussion

    Part 2: Stavros, Drake and Theo
  17. Vineetha

    Tom Ford Beauty Discussion

    My boys ;) I havent swatched any of the shades i have got yet but if you need swatches, let me know and I will do the same. :D Part 1: Jay, Guillermo and Eric
  18. Vineetha

    All Things Sephora

  19. Vineetha

    All Things Sephora

    Looks like only holiday collection, 9x and 15x palettes!!:(