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  1. JollieJanice

    Purple and proud all over

    I'm sooo gassed (psyched). This is my second post today! This is the look I did for work Thursday. I haven't wore purple in a while and this time I added a little bit to the bottom. That's significant to me because i never do this. Oh and these are also clickable. Eyes: UDPP Kryolan...
  2. JollieJanice

    My green and purple look

    Hello ladies and gents, This is what i wore to work yesterday. I hope you like, I've been working hard on improving my technique, please free feel to leave critique on where i can improve. Oh and my pics are clickable . Thanks for looking. Eyes: UDPP Styli Style Blackened Teal eyeliner...
  3. JollieJanice

    A smokey green look.

    This is the look I wore today at work I changed the lip color a a few times between pink and gold. Oh and in a rush, I forgot to do my eyebrows. Silly me. Oh and my pics are clickable. Face: Studio Tech NW45 Raizin blush Belightful from Fafi Eyes: UDPP H.I.P Steely paint A light brown...
  4. JollieJanice

    eotd with Old Gold

    Hey guys I'm fairly new to posting so i know my pictures are a little crazy but I'm soo gassed to be posting that I'm still gonna put them up. Please excuse the quality but let me know what you think Thanks for looking. Eyes: UDPP two neutral browns a palette from Ebay Old Gold with mixing...
  5. JollieJanice

    This is dedicated to you.

    I'm dedicated this post to gingin501. She helped me get my pictures up here so I had to show her some love. Thanks again! I know some folks are tired of the COC but its my favorite and only palette from MAC. I mean it was like it was made for me and when I'm in a rush and what something...
  6. JollieJanice

    My first time posting....Yahh me!

    Hi this is my first time posting now I've been trolling, complimenting, and thanking for over a year now. I've finally got up the nerve to post. This is the look I did tonight, please excuse the quality of my pictures they were taken with my camera phone. I used MAC if not specified. Face...
  7. JollieJanice

    Costal Scents' neutral palette.

    I was just going through the coastal scents website and i was wondering if any WOC have tried the neutral palette that they have. I'm a nw45 in studio tech but i also found a nw50 in studio fix, so I'm not sure. i was interested in getting the palette but i wanted to know if the colors would go...
  8. JollieJanice

    how do I upload pictures?

    I've benn sitting around just looking at the lovely fotds, waiting to put up my own. However I having the hardest time figuring it out. Do i need a membership to upload? If no, can someone please tell me how to do it? I would really appreciate it.
  9. JollieJanice

    My intro

    Hi everyone. I've been a member for a few months now, just kind of lurking around and I've just gotten the nerve to introduce myself. lol I'm Janice by the way, friends call me Fudge. I'm 29 and I live in the Bronx. I've liked makeup for afew years now, I'm just really getting more involved...