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  1. grc733

    Pre Fourth of July HAUL!!!

    Went shopping at the CCO & Sephora.... Mont Black, Talent Pool, Lotusland Top Knot, Smoke and Diamonds!!, Fig. 1 Reflects Very Pink, Reflects Turquatic, Pink Pearl Reflects Antique Gold, Reflects Blackened Red, 100 Strokes!!!! Sephora by O.P.I - Ocean Love Potion (very very pretty)
  2. grc733

    My Mini CCO/ MAC-Pro Adventure Haul

    Well I'm a total newb at MAC so today PrincessAriel03 and I went on a lil MAC adventure looking for MAC deals! At the CCO I got: 2 Mystery eye pencil 1 Raven eye pencil 1 Comet Blue Dazzleglass 1 Vin goth nail polish At MAC-pro I got: 1 Deep Blue Green pigment Here are some pics of the stuff...