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  1. amandamakeup

    deleted Threads?

    Just wondering if some thing is up with that. The thread we had going in the chatter section about people looking for compliments is gone? howcome?
  2. amandamakeup

    I snapped a pic of my Kitty...wanna see?

    I dont what made me snap this,, but after I thought It was kinda cool, She was yawning. i wasnt pissing her off in any way!
  3. amandamakeup

    Mothbrown fotd

    I thought I would post this.. only cause I thought the pic came out really cool. the first pic is moth brown eyeshadow teddy eyeliner, .. and body suit lipstick. the blush is cubic. The second pic is cocoa pigment,, frost white eyeshadow, teddy eyeliner, and body suit lipstick again. This is...
  4. amandamakeup

    Mixing pigments and eyeshadows??

    I just came up with an idea...havent tried it yet..but was wondering if anyone has done this..I need a black shiny eyeshadow for the weekend and wont be able to get to mac to get a dark Im wondering....if i take some of my coco pigment and some black eyeshadow (crubled up of course)...
  5. amandamakeup

    BIG Circle crack in my Studiofix!!

    Hey everyone! Just wondering if this has ever happened to everyone, I just bought my new studiofix like 3 weeks ago, and theres a huge circle in the middle like cracks. I havent dropped it. Im just wondering if its because its a really old batch or something. I guess there's no way of fixing it...
  6. amandamakeup

    Mac moisture feed is drying out my face!

    Just wanted to share with you all..dont know if anyone else had had this happen to them, but I bought Mac Moisture feed a couple of weeks ago, cause the MA said it was good for dry skin....well anyways my face is dryer than a dessert! its cracking its sooo bad! Now I've got to buy another...
  7. amandamakeup

    MAC Fashion Cares 2005........

    Hey everyone, I just found out that they announced the MAC viva glam fashion cares for this year. I have never had the chance to make it to Toronto to see it, but I will be going for sure this year. I inluded a link where you can see some really nice makeup pics from their Bollywood Cowboy...
  8. amandamakeup

    Fave Movie Of All Time???

    Im Bored! Just thought it would be fun to see everyones favourite movie?? mines...Pulp Fiction!
  9. amandamakeup

    Sheer Lipliners?

    I've heard alot lately about sheer lipliners. has anyone ever used them? if so....which is the better company to look into? thanks!
  10. amandamakeup

    Mac Moisture Feed

    I got a sample of moisture feed today. just wondering if anyone has ever used it before and what you think? I've never used mac skincare products before, but since I have the Pro card, I figured I should! Thanks!
  11. amandamakeup

    MAC Interviews & Hiring Process

    Hey there. I have my first group interview with mac next week, I was wondering what can I expect from this interview? Like what do they ask? are you a bunch of people being interviewed at the same time??? anything I can do more to impress them?? Thanks in advance for all your help! I really...