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  1. chickatthegym

    Just had to laugh at this ebay seller- she's called her fake MAC pigments "NAC" LOL

    She admits they aren't real, and thinks it's okay to list them if she calls them "NAC" hahaha
  2. chickatthegym

    Looking for a really good makeup mirror for my bathroom vanity

    I just moved and have a place in the bathroom with a seat and vanity for doing my makeup... I am looking for one of those nice mirrors that sits on the counter top to do my makeup with. I'd like a really good one that will last! Any ideas? TIA:)
  3. chickatthegym

    Fake Venemous Villians Palette HAHAHA

    I was looking for something on eBay and came across this palette... I just had to share it- so ridiculous!
  4. chickatthegym

    Fake MAC (and other brands) Wholesale site -colors/products to avoid!

    I stumbled upon this (very FAKE) wholesale cosmetics website and thought I would share... I kind of like finding sites like this sometimes because then we can know what is being faked and what to avoid -and they have great fake photos if anyone needs comparison pics LOL...
  5. chickatthegym

    Can someone help me authenticate this 180 brush on eBay?

    Item 110639756428 Looks good but there are so many fake brushes on there:( I have wanted this forever and just want a real one lol!!!
  6. chickatthegym

    help with depotted shadow- possible fake?

    Not sure where to post this...Does anyone know if they made fake UD shadows in the pots? I got one in a trade awhile back... the coloring of the plastic pot itself was off (not silver like the other ones I have from Sephora and Ulta). Then once I depotted it, I found it has the tall-tell sign...
  7. chickatthegym

    CCO re-selling returned MAC products from Macy's and Dillards!!!

    I always thought that returned products were thrown away/recycled by the MAC store or counter... However, I was at a CCO the other day and bought a bunch of stuff, got home and two of my products have a MACY's sticker (the "Required for Return" ones they put on when you buy something and scan...
  8. chickatthegym

    What is the packaging difference between regular pigments and PRO Pigments?

    I bought a bunch of pigments at the CCO last week. Some of them are Pro and some are just regular ones or LE. But the three Pro piggies have completely different printing and an extra icon (a finger pointing to a book) on the back. I am sure they are okay since they are from the CCO, but I...
  9. chickatthegym

    Should I depot my MAC LE Trios/Quads (Heatherette, Hello Kitty)

    It's getting to the point where I want to organize my collection as well as possible... I LOVE the special packaging, but I think I may be ready to just add those shadows to my 15 palettes... I have 8 * 15 palettes right now... What do you guys think? Should I depot? What is the easiest way...
  10. chickatthegym

    Heads up- Fake Lady Gaga coming our way...

    Those counterfeiters work fast! They already have fake Lady Gaga lipsticks for sale on some wholesaling website Looks like they made all sorts of colors... MAC LIPSTICK MAC From Our Lips Collection Lady Gaga for Viva Glam_Mac Lipstick_Wholesale Mac Cosmetics,Mac Makeup Wholesale -...
  11. chickatthegym

    Help with Pleasureflush MSF from swap

    Were their fake Pleasureflushes made?!? I ask because I just swapped with someone on another site for a came today and it looks fine, but the box is not a normal MSF box??? It is a solid box (no cut out circle where they MSF usually peeks through) and the round sticker on...
  12. chickatthegym

    Horribly fake 217 brush!

    Ewww! Black bristles WTf?? 100% Authentic BRAND NEW #217 Blending MAC Brush - eBay (item 300397151045 end time Feb-21-10 08:03:07 PST)
  13. chickatthegym

    Nothing says "I love you" like face MAC mascara LOL

    Has anyone seen these "brand new special" Valentine's Day mascara sets on eBay? HAHAHAHAHA MAC "I Love You" Mascara & Eyeliner Set Lot Valentines - eBay (item 170435682567 end time Jan-28-10 13:33:08 PST)
  14. chickatthegym

    Help with Blush- is this real? Fleur Blush... Just wanted to see your "expert" opinions
  15. chickatthegym

    Fake MAC plastic bags LOL

    Now I have seen it all LOL! There are fake MAC bags out there on eBay Just had to share: LOT OF 10 MAC COSMETICS EYESHADOWS WITH GIFT BAGS - eBay (item 270511758609 end time Jan-12-10 02:38:11 PST)
  16. chickatthegym

    MAC 180 brush on eBay- real or fake???

    I have been after the 180 brush FOREVER and think I am finally just going to cave in and buy it but I only want a REAL one (of course). Has anyone bought from this seller before? What do you guys think? AUTHENTIC M.A.C. MAC BRUSH 180 SMALL BUFFER BRUSH - eBay (item 220529083607 end time...
  17. chickatthegym

    How much does the 181SE brush retail for?

    I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know how much they are if you were to buy them alone? Mine came in sets.
  18. chickatthegym

    Help with questionable MAC Paint

    I got this in a swap and everything looks okay with it, except it is too long (it didn't even fit in the box) and the "A" on the batch code looks off to me. But it is really old, from '03 so can anyone tell me if MAC has changed their paints since then? I only have one other paint from '07 to...
  19. chickatthegym

    Do LE shadows come in Pro pans in other countries?

    Someone on another message board wants to swap with me... she's from another country and has an LE shadow and says it came in a Pro pan? I didn't think LE shadows ever came in a pro pan refill? Can anyone help? thanks!
  20. chickatthegym

    Potentially fake lip gloss?

    I have never seen any gloss like this. Is it an old style or fake? I am thinking FAKE lol MAC Cosmetics Fever Color lip gloss NC108 dark pink - eBay (item 120493952285 end time Nov-23-09 05:20:44 PST)