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  1. panther27

    MAC Early Buzz: News for Upcoming Collections in 2019

    What is the name of the site?
  2. panther27

    ISO MAC Lunar New Year Pure Happiness and Peachy New Year

    Hi, I am looking for Lunar New Year Pure Happiness and Peachy New Year lipsticks at retail price. I missed the launch and really hoping to get these!! I will pay shipping, thank you!!
  3. panther27

    Sale!! Everything most go!! Mostly mac le april 2017

    Sale!! Everything most go!! Mostly MAC LE SEPT 2017 Hello, I'm moving across country, need to clear my stash. I have lots more so don't hesitate to ask, I might have it!! Items come from a smoke free home, feel free to make an offer! Usage shown. Shipping is $3 flat fee US only. Thanks for...
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    I lost my best friend...

    Today is the worst day of my life,I just lost my cat Sneakers who I have had for 16 years.She is sooo special to me,I love her so much.I watched her pass,and it was just the most scary thing I have ever seen in my life.I know she is in Heaven now and not in pain,but I am just a nervous wreck.My...
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    MAC - Style Warriors Discussion

    Quote: Originally Posted by CantAffordMAC 3/12 Gran duos (wonder what this is) 3/19 Sugar sweet (wonder what this is) 3/19 VG6 Special Edition Refresh (wonder what COLOR this is) 4/2 Colour Theory (wonder wth this is) 4/23 A rose Romance (2 parts) (wonder what this is) 5/28 Style...
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    So I found out from an MA about something new coming out sometime this year called Lustretwins.Apparently it is pro longwear lipcolor with a color on one end and a matching lustre color on the other.Like the regular pro longwear except instead of the shimmery or clear end,it a lustre color.Just...
  7. panther27

    New msf for summer 2008?

    Has anyone heard if there will be a msf collection this summer?They are usually released in July of every year so hopefully there will be one this year too.The msfs are what I look forward to the most out of any collection sooo I cannot wait to hear any possible news about this
  8. panther27

    Heatherette finally

    After my counter's shipment being lost,Heatherette finally came in(most of the products,anyway)I got:Trio 1 and Trio 2,lollipop loving ls,hollywood nights ls,melrose mood ls,starlet kiss lg,sock hop lg,the pop blue pencil,pink pearl pig.and the 2 nail lacquers.REALLY love it,except my counter...
  9. panther27

    Another Heatherette screwup..

    So I got off the phone with my Macy's MAC counter and they still have not received Heatherette yet!!The MA told me that their shipment comes from D.C. and they lost the shipment somewhere there,and not just to that counter,to this WHOLE region-which is like 15 stores.She then said that they...
  10. panther27

    my beauty powder blushes!!!

    On friday I picked up:Joyous and Sweetness-they are so bright and prettyalso got Voile slimshine-and my counter hadn't gotten in Heatherette yet,but my fave ma(the best ever)said that she would give me a call when it all comes in to give me a preview!!!Cannot wait
  11. panther27

    Early Christmas gift from my sweetie

    On Sat. my man took me to MAC and bought me for Christmas-Finery Coral lip set and a Reflects Glitter in Antique Gold(I think that's what it's called-he won't let me have it till Christmas)LOVE him-he is so sweet