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  1. joygasm

    MUFE HD foundation setting powders.

    What do you use to set it with? And if you use the HD powder, how do you like it?
  2. joygasm

    I just got a job, advice please!

    So I recently was hired to work at a beauty supply store. They put me in the chemical department, mostly for women of color. I have no idea what they use in their hair. :/ And my supervisor is trying to teach me the most popular products, but there are SO MANY. And they expect me to memorize it...
  3. joygasm


    Sorry, I'm not sure which board this would fit in. I was wondering where you guys get your rhinestones?
  4. joygasm

    Silly pictures :D

  5. joygasm

    Lets talk skin tone.

    I have trouble accepting the fact that I'm darker than most people. I don't know if this is an issue for anyone else, but culturally being lighter is seen as better. How do you feel about this? I don't even like going to get new foundations or concealers cause I feel bad when its darker than I'd...
  6. joygasm

    Stress and issues.

    Lately I've been so irritable and I notice I've been lashing out at the people I really care about. I don't know why, I know its been a pretty stressful time for me and lately I feel I economically hit rock bottom. But I don't feel like that's an excuse for how I've been acting :/ I have no idea...
  7. joygasm

    long/thick hair.

    I have really long thick hair. It goes down to my lower back. and I have a problem with headaches caused by it. I'm not exactly sure what would look good on me. I have chubby cheeks though it doesnt really show in pics. any suggestions? btw my hair is wavy, and sometimes curly depending on...
  8. joygasm

    Medium/Full Coverage Foundation.

    I want a foundation with more coverage for every day use. I'm a little skeptical about using MUFE HD foundation since it is expensive and there doesn't seem to be much product in the bottle. any suggestions? I want something light weight. I've tried studio sculpt, and I just don't think I do...
  9. joygasm

    I have no idea if this fits into any board.

    I am 18 years old. And I've been struggling with my self esteem for a while now. I see things no one notices. And it really gets me down. People end up thinking I'm immature for feeling this way about myself. And someone has even told me they think I like feeling this way. Why would I like...
  10. joygasm

    Paint pots.

    I'm guessing the only way to make colors pop and stay in play are paint pots? I just got a purple eyeshadow. And I'm doing this smokey look, but the purple doesn't pop like i want it to. so paint pots are my best bet ya? I use a normal skintone eyeshadow primer before any of my shadows...
  11. joygasm

    Break up.

    So my boyfriend broke up with me. Told me he wanted to see other people. I'm crying my eyes out you know? I mean i keep telling myself I'll get over it. Which I know I will. But I keep crying :/ And I have absolutely NO ONE to talk to. I lost all my friends, and connections from being in...
  12. joygasm

    Body Piercing...

    I wasn't sure exactly which forum board this fit into. I thought, accessories, maybe it would apply to fashion. Anyway to those of you who have body piercings, I have an Industrial and a monroe. I want new jewelry, and was wondering where you guys got yours? Don't bash me if it's in the...