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    kim kardashian

    hey there so i havent been very active on specktra and ive missed it. i did this look awhile ago and i never got around to post it. i hope you guys like it. i did a tutorial on it on my youtube if youre interested in seeing it. anywho heres the look excuse my silly face haha...
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    quick question on MACs freelance makeup artists

    hi lovelies! in north carolina, some girl told me she does not get her employee discount working with MAC as a freelance makeup artist. well in los angeles, is it the same? a girl a mac yesterday really wants me to apply but i know ill be a freelance for awhile before i stay at a store...
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    Emerald and brown look

    YouTube - My Take On a Green Look go check it out. tell me what ya think please! <333 vanes
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    Gold & Black look

    heres the link to everything but the lips heres the link to the lips my stupid movie maker forgot to add the lip one so i did it separately so go look ladies and gents! comment there and subscribe <3
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    fascinating eye khol?

    ive tried other white pencils for my water line but they never look white so i was wondering if this one from mac is even vibrant enough thanks in advance lovelies!
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    its on youtube its on pressing pigments but with a flat iron since its my first one, i was hoping to see how it goes. if ppl like it then i will make tuts on looks, like the one im wearing in my video. please pass by and tell me what you think. it would be much...
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    Smoke Signal Pigment Question

    ok so i got it in the mail, i tried it on with other stuff and i really hate it can anyone suggest something pretty with it? or a picture u might have done an fotd with it on? thanks in advance lovelies
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    Antiquitease Is Finally Here! But I Have A Question

    why are we unable to use our pro card discount on the holiday sets? i thought we could but i saw on the site its a no go
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    ..::Delft, club, texture.... FOTD::..

    helloooooo every one on this boring sunday! LOL im supposed to be studying for my real estate exam thats in a few weeks but i became bored so i whipped out my newly purchased makeup and played around with it. i went to mac yesterday in the topanga mall... the MA there names sabrina, i think ...
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    ***Pink Opal, Pinked Mauve & Entremauve Fotd!***

    hello to all my gorgeous babes out there! heres a little look i did the other day i used face: studio fix fluid NC37 select sheer pressed powder NC30 blot powder pressed medium dark peachtwist blush vanilla pigment as a highlight eyes: cream colour base in Hush Pigments: pink opal, pinked...
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    MY NEW NAIL ART! (pics included)

    so i was INSANELY bored today and i even had a friend over at one point. ive just been home too much lately. blaaaah anywho, boredom brings creativity for me at times so here it is lol taking pics of my hands feels really weird lol the first one looks like a claw of some sort hahaha
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    **stila Warehouse Sale Haul (pics)**

    so i got there at 7:30 am....doors opened at 8..... i didnt actually get in to start shopping till 11 am because there was approximately 500 ppl infront of joke! well heres what i got: shadow pot in lime shadow pot in sky shadow pot in moon shadow pot in flame all over shimmer liquid...
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    First smokey EOTN

    hi everyone! im am soooo new to this amazing website and im so embarrassed to say this, but i barely found out how to post a new topic! ahhh silly me! any who... here is my very first ever EOTN in this group i used: Face: BM MAC peachtwist blush Eyes:ALL MAC cream colour base Hush inner...