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  1. Honey B. Fly

    over-grown layers

    im not in the mood to go get my hair cut again right now, i dont mind the hair below my jawline being long but the layers around my face are starting to look long and heavy around my face. does any1 have any tips on trimming them a little, like 1/2 of an inch? how should i hold the scissors...
  2. Honey B. Fly

    Mariah Carey's new album E=MC2

    its her best EVER, it's like pure girly R&B. anybody else loving it? Bye Bye makes me cry everytime i hear it. She looks really good lately too. I guess she dropped 20lbs.
  3. Honey B. Fly

    MAC Brown Shadow?

    Which is a must have? I want one that works best all-over the lid. & No mattes please. lol
  4. Honey B. Fly

    Opal/Pearl Make-up?

    Wut are ur fave eye/cheek/lip products that are opal/pearly? Thanks!
  5. Honey B. Fly

    Dandelion Root Tea?

    Does any1 drink this tea? It's suppose to detox ur liver I guess. How exactly does it do that haha? like do you pee out all the bad stuff or what? I don't wanna get sick from it but it sounds like something I'd like to try. ----------------------------------------------------- What will...
  6. Honey B. Fly

    finding out CRAZY weird things u didnt know about sum1 thru their myspace page

    Okay so a friend of mine is dating a new guy. I go to his myspace and click view pics, and this dude has a freaking album of his SISTER posing making-out with 2 other chicks and posing sexy alone. There's a pic labeled with a website, so I type the url in, and the page loads up.... She's a...
  7. Honey B. Fly

    How can I wear leopard print leggings?

    They are an opaque beige/brown/black leopard print and go down to the ankles. What do you think would look good w/ them?From tops to what sort of shoes. Thanks!
  8. Honey B. Fly

    4 any1 with a T3 Bespoke Labs Medium Duality Iron.

    Do u have any tips on using it to do anything besides straightening ur hair? Im having a lil trouble getting the hang of waves/curls/body with it. Thanks!!!!
  9. Honey B. Fly

    Recs for a natural looking lipstick?.....

    Which one matches your lips natural shade?Thanks.
  10. Honey B. Fly

    daily glow moisturizers w/ sunless tanner in them.. like jergens,nivea,dove ect

    will i basically get the same effect mixing a lil sunless tanner with my reg. body lotion? i just dont wanna stain my clothes at all, but i''d like to try one to give my skin a lil glow and even out its tone. id rather just make my own with the body lotion i use now cause i love it so much, but...
  11. Honey B. Fly

    how can i tone down the orangey-ness

    ive been dying my hair dark caramel blonde (its the same as a really light warm brown) for awhile now, im sick of the orangey tint it has sometimes now, its not a mistake because the dye is a warm shade that brings out golden/orange/red tones, i just want 2 go cooler now. i just dyed it dark...
  12. Honey B. Fly

    aubrey o'day from danity kane

    if any1's watched this season of mtb4, can u rec aubrey's look from her close-up interviews? thanks!!
  13. Honey B. Fly


    i dont discuss this stuff in actual life and i wouldn't ever, so i figured i would on here haha..... does anyone else ever dress up and 'play' like nurse or maid? or has a bf/husband ever suggested it? would u ever do it or do u think its just silly? im totally in love with and all...
  14. Honey B. Fly

    Proactives Pore Cleaner ???

    The ultimate weapon in the fight against clogged pores. Easily remove excessive oils, blackheads and whiteheads from your face without pulling or injuring your skin. Product Features: Cleanses the most stubborn clogged pores and removes blackheads completely and safely with powerful...
  15. Honey B. Fly

    wut is ur 'girly' look?

    what eyeshadow/lip/blush combos do u go 4 when u want that cute girly girl look? thanks!!
  16. Honey B. Fly


    what is ur 'natural' face? like what eyeshadows/blush/lip shades give u that polished but still natural look? thanks.
  17. Honey B. Fly

    hair masques vs deep conditioners?

    does anyone know the diff? i just purchased a hair masque tub and i was curious. thanks.
  18. Honey B. Fly

    valentines day

    i know its kind of early lol but i want to look drop dead sexy that day, i want like a done up playboy style look. rec me a full face of MAC if u have any sexy ideas. thanks!
  19. Honey B. Fly

    help: period question

    i have all the signs and its the exact time i should have my period. ive had cramps for the last 1.5 days but 0 bleeding. i know for sure the cramps are menstraul cramps. im kinda scared now because thats never happened to me b4. usually ill get cramps about 9 hours b4 i start bleeding. is...