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  1. mariecinder

    Deep/chocolate brown matte eyeshadow?

    Hello all! I am looking for a dark chocolate colored matte eyeshadow that I could use for a quick smokey eye. I don't have many mattes at all but I've been wanting to experiment with them. I'm looking for something very blendable that will make my blue eyes pop! Any recs?
  2. mariecinder

    Make up that stays on during sex?!

    We all like to look our best and feel sexy when we're gettin' freaky! I was wondering if you ladies have come across any products that hold up especially well during sex? Especially eye products. The guy I'm dating is in love with my eyes, so I like to play them up. He loves it when I'm going...
  3. mariecinder

    Problems W/ MAC Website?

    Has the MAC site been down for the past couple of days? Every time I try to get on to it, I get a 'Page Not Found' screen. Is anyone else having this problem? Or is it just my computer blocking me from the site so I don't spend anymore money? lol
  4. mariecinder

    Best Drugstore Plumping Gloss?

    I've really addicted to plumping glosses right now. What are some of your favorite drugstore plumping glosses?
  5. mariecinder

    Is Prep and Prime Lip supposed to smell like this?

    I recently ordered it online, but my primer smells like a spicy old cigar. When I open the cap I can smell it and it makes my nose curl. Its bad. What is it supposed to smell like?
  6. mariecinder

    Tiny Lipstick Haul

    I wanted to get out of the house so I went to the mall. I came home with: Hug Me Pink Nouveau Omg why have I waited so long to get Hug Me?! Its a perfert YLBB color for me! Love it!
  7. mariecinder

    Matching blush and lipstick to shadows.

    I've always had a hard time picking out the right blush and lipsticks to compliment eyeshadow colors. Like pink blush and lips with blue seems like I always pick something that doesn't go together. I wonder if you ladies had any rules or guidelines that you follow when picking out...
  8. mariecinder

    I'm NEVER buying make up again!

    I was browsing the combination sets on the Sephora website, like I always do. I came across a coulple sets that I already have and thought, "Have I ever even used any of those items?". Then I started thinking about ALL the make up I have that I hardly use. So I told myself, "I'm never buying...
  9. mariecinder

    Best Online Shoe Shopping?

    I love shopping for shoes online because you find the best deals! Right now my favorite sites are and But I'm sure there are other great sites out there as well! Anyone care to share the fantastic sites they've found? Also, I'm looking for a cream colored pair of...
  10. mariecinder

    Getting over him when you know it will never happen...

    If any of you ladies have read my last post, then you know I've been hooking up with a good friend of mine. The problem is, I am really in love with him. I mean, really. I've known him for a long time and he's the easiest person to talk to. I know that he is sort of seeing another girl (even...
  11. mariecinder

    Going to be in a pool and need to look fab!

    Can I get some recs for good make up to use? I'm already thinking Wet N Wild's H2O Proof liner and I'm hoping my Revlon Colorstay will stay on through the pool. I'm looking for a good waterproof mascara. I tried searching but didn't find anything... P.S. The guy I'm crushing on will be there...
  12. mariecinder

    When he can't keep it up...

    I've been hooking up with this guy for a while. He's a good friend that I've known for about 8 years now. He is the best lover I've ever had. The sexual chemistry between us is amazing. However, last night we were hanging out and we were home alone. We decided to fool around and when it came...
  13. mariecinder

    Matte shadows and Revlon ColorStay.

    Two questions for all you lovelies. How do you go about making matte shadows shimmery? I recently bought MAC shadows in Chrome Yellow, Orange, and Passionate in hopes of doing a sunset/rainbow look but I wanted to make it a little shimmery. Any ideas for me? Second, I really want to try out...
  14. mariecinder

    Metal Eye Sheen

    I picked up one of these (in Platinum) because the description sounded really cool. I recived it on Saturday and its super hard, not creamy, not powdery like a normal shadow and when I rubbed my finger over it there was no color pay off on my finger. Does anyone else have this problem or have a...
  15. mariecinder

    Most versatile MAC pigment?

    What do you think is the most versatile MAC pigment? Which one do you find yourself reaching for the most? Which one is worth the investment?
  16. mariecinder

    Best time at the counter today!

    So after trying on my Utterly Frivolous lipstick, my friend fell in love with it! So I called my closest counter (30mins away) and they actually had some left! So I asked to have one held for me. When we got there the MA remembered talking to me (she was super sweet!) and another MA was helping...
  17. mariecinder

    Blush that blends well?

    I've collected a few MAC blushes lately but to me it seems like they don't blend very well on my skin. Can I get some recommendations for a soft (as in texture, not color) powder blush that blends well? Preferably with a bit shimmer. Anything drugstore, Macy's, or Sephora would be wonderful...
  18. mariecinder

    Maybelline Mineral Make Up?

    I saw an ad in my local Longs weekly ad for Maybelline Mineral make up line! It looked as if they even had a liquid mineral make up. I checked out the Maybelline site but didn't find anything, however the Longs website does. Longs Drugs - Product Detail Has anyone seen or tired this?! I...
  19. mariecinder

    Popping off BE sifters?

    Has anyone tried taking the sifter part on the BE jars off? I want to get at that last bit that's caught up in there but I haven't figured a way to get the top off! Anyone have any ideas?
  20. mariecinder

    Lower eye make up that won't stay put...

    I've been having problems with make up staying on my lower lash line. Everytime I put mascara on my bottom lashes it smears. Also when I put liner in my waterline it ends up smudged on to my under eyes. I use water and smudge proof mascara, as for liners I've used many like MACs technakohl...