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  1. SweetJoy

    What are your favourite eyeshadows that emphasize your eye colour?

    A lot of my friends/family members/coworkers have been asking me for help with their makeup, and I've been thinking about putting together a palette to teach them the basics. I'm thinking 3 eyeshadows for each eye colour - an eyelid colour, crease, and highlight. I have a couple ideas for...
  2. SweetJoy

    MAC blushes!

    I need some input! I'm taking a night make-up artistry class and these are the required blush shades. I already looked into it a little bit and have some ideas as to which blushes fit the descriptions the best but I'd love to know what you guys think! 1 - Dark Burgundy (blue...
  3. SweetJoy

    Hi there!

    Hello all! I'm relatively new to makeup and I've learned A LOT by lurking on the forums. I figured I should stop being so creepy and start contributing! I'm Lianne, I'll be 22 in a few days, and I have a mac collection that is growing by the minute! I'm really glad to have found a...