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  1. aradhana

    General Chanel Chat

    i'm probably quite late to the party but i just bought a few things today from the holiday collection - the gold and the red/brown shadows and the 109 lipstick. the quad was tempting but i went for the two singles instead. did anyone else get holiday items?
  2. aradhana

    MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks

    sounds lovely! i think i want more of these...i hope they come out with more shades at some point!
  3. aradhana

    MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks

    From the bottom up: Mandarin o, watch me simmer, ablaze, toxic tale, make me gorgeous , flocking fabulous,Burmese kiss. Probably most similar to flocking fabulous, but finish is so different. it’s a lot more orangey than I thought from watching swatch videos on YouTube, which made me think...
  4. aradhana

    MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks

    i got mandarin-o, lasting passion and devoted to chili. really love the look and feel of them. i may go back for burning love and my tweedy. they kind of smell/taste like cinnamon hearts.
  5. aradhana

    Resolution LOW-BUY 2018

    i also really want that 70's palette, so i looked through my shades end up looking a little clowny - i might replace the purple with a more subdued shade and try to find a replacement for cupcake that is more rosy. vibrant grape statuesque dear cupcake aquavert
  6. aradhana

    Theme Makeup with a Purpose

    hello ladies! :wavey: how are all the life changes going? sounds like everybody is shifting gears. hope it is going well. i have a break for the summer from school, so presently 'only' full-time work on my plate. it means i have time to actually come on here and see how you are all doing and...
  7. aradhana

    Theme Makeup with a Purpose

    in my mind, after i googled the lipstick, i figured you looked like this: which is pretty awesome, IMHO. so far i've just been doing the orange cheek thing. i guess i have tomorrow or sunday to do my orange lips again. my faces have been simple during the week, but hopefully it being weekend...
  8. aradhana

    treatment for varicose veins

    I am considering treatment for varicose veins in one of my legs, and i was wondering if anyone has any experience with this? A vein specialist/surgeon gave me two options: surgery vs. laser. Surgery is covered by health insurance, laser is not. (I think it would cost around $2000 CDN)...
  9. aradhana

    lancome visionnaire

    hi i was wondering whether anyone has tried the new lancome visionnaire, and if so what you think?
  10. aradhana

    Travelling with Makeup Collection

    Hi there I'm going to be flying from the UK to Canada with my makeup collection, and I was wondering if anyone has any tips so that I can make sure it arrives in one piece? If it were a few years ago, before all the new security measures, I would have wanted to take it as carry-on (So it would...