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  1. ecberger

    FOTD: Naked Palette, belated vday fotd

    Hopefully these turn out as pictures instead of links! It changes depending on the computer I use and I definitely followed (many) tutorials on it but alas, I can't get the pictures to show up everytime :( Hope you still enjoy/it possibly works! x Hi girls- I used my NAKED...
  2. ecberger

    gray fotd :)

    why does one of my eyes look bigger?! haha and sorry for the big picss eyes: sephora jumbo eyeliner lumene eyeshadow in blue magic blacktrack satin taupe magnetic fields vanilla pigment rimmel sexy curves zoom lash face: revlon colorstay in 310 warm golden maybelline matte dream powder in...
  3. ecberger


    hey girls these are absolutely awful pictures, but i liked my FOTD today I swear my nose isnt that big and my bangs are now fixed ! revlon colorstay, maybelline matte dream powder, sephora riviera bronzer, shroom, tempting, satin taupe, dark devotion alll MAC unless noted sorry i havent...
  4. ecberger

    quick fotd :)

    sorry there are no closeups, i took thee quickly and now my camera died face: revlon colorstay sephora bronzer-riviera chanel mocha eyes: satin taupe woodwinked carbon vanilla pigment dark edge blacktrack rimmel sexy curves lips: NARS chelsea girls and to show my skins been improving, thank...
  5. ecberger

    smokey purple fotd :) ^awful pic but you can see the eye makeup pretty well face: maybelline matte powder sephora riviera bronzer NYX pink glow blush Chanel mocha blush eyes: TFSI beauty marked shale crystal moth brown claire de lune naked lunch mauvement satin...
  6. ecberger

    fotd with new camera :)

    heres my fotd from this morning for college summer classes... ah not great pictures, but i was testing out my camera TF label whore if you can even tellll im going out later so i put on my makeup, lmfao at bathrobe sorry for shtty lighting ^my eyes looked honestly turqoise in this...
  7. ecberger


    havent posted in a while, so just so i can post *something*... blacktrack, carbon, satin taupe, vanilla pigment, magnetic fields, shroom, black tied wow, my hairs grown so much compared to last month: hahaha and noow: i need to cut it soon! and i went to Israel! here's like 5 pictures...
  8. ecberger

    FOTD :) dif color placement this time, still bright!

    i did this fotd a week ago: i loved how it turned out and decided to redo with different colors ^my puppy (sorry for the bra pics and idk why my chest looks scaly!!!) items used FACE: -prescriptives foundation i stole from my mom -jane pressed powder -sephora bronzer -nyx dare -mac...
  9. ecberger

    SoCal girls..

    i want to start venturing into makeup artistry and would love to know if anyone is interested in being a model or canvas for me to "practice" on until i get better. free of charge, i just want your time and the permission to take a picture for my portfolio. thank you in advance feel free to...
  10. ecberger

    BRIGHT green blue fotd! :)

    no CC on brows please!! everything else welcomed and sorry for the ginormous pictures ((( ive NEVER done a colorful eyelook before except for purple once, and it wasnt bright purple. i really loved this look today, but not sure how others will like it, so plmk sorry for ALL the pictures, i...
  11. ecberger

    if you seeeek ammy

    hey guys<3 i was inspired by this look: and heres my take on it: sorry for the silly pics face: almay clear complexion foudation in sand mixed with stila tinted moisturizer in medium pressed powder eyes: -udpp -bronze, blacktrack, 2 elf eyeshadows (i think moondust was one and...
  12. ecberger

    kissss me through the phoneeee

    cc welcomed except for the brows/: thanks for loooking ! face: almay clear complexion foundation -sephora bronzer -nyx dare blush -nyc pink glow mosaic blush -naked lunch -vanilla pigment eyes: -mac paint in untitled/bare cavas (i dont remember /: ) -satin taupe, carbon, magnetic fields...
  13. ecberger

    please choose my fotd for prom :) +

    here are 3 recent fotds ive done that i like most. im wearing a metallic gray dress from my boyfriend's mom's line, which fotd should i choose? CC welcomed of course, but not on the brows please :/ i always seem to take pics RIGHT before my appts, hah a) b) c) TIA<3
  14. ecberger

    fotd inspired by adriana lima :)

    i was inspired by this picture. im not saying i look like her, just that i was inspired by her im upset the colors aren't showing up as true as they are irl, but thats always the case with laptop pictures and of course, CC is always welcomed and appreciated except on my brows! im getting...
  15. ecberger

    first FOTD in a long time :)

    CC on everything but my eyebrows please I know theyre not by any means perfect, but i havent set up an appt for the longest time and i shall make one esp after taking these pics :x any other cc is welcomed and appreciated! just to show how long my hairs getting! its naturally straight so...
  16. ecberger

    kim K inspired FOTD :)

    this fotd was inspired by Kim Kardashian would LOVE CC except for on brows (im getting them threaded later today)-and i swear my eyeshadow was WAY more blended irl and excuse the bathrobe in some pics! hahah enjoy!: breeeakkdddooowwwn. (all MAC unless noted otherwise) eyes: -carbon...
  17. ecberger

    kim K inspired FOTD :) pic heavyyy

    this fotd was inspired by Kim Kardashian would LOVE CC except for on brows (im getting them threaded later today)-and i swear my eyeshadow was WAY more blended irl and excuse the bathrobe in some pics! hahahenjoy!:breeeakkdddooowwwn. (all MAC unless noted...
  18. ecberger

    two fotds! pic heavy :D previously blondesRbetter-

    i dont remember my password to that account so i made a new one. anyways.. Hi all! I miss posting my fotds iCC is welcomed and definitely wanted and appreciated! but please no cc on my wonky brows- i know theyre bad, i have an appt tomorrow. FOTD 1: products used(all mac unless noted...
  19. ecberger

    mood ring fotd and pics of my formal dress (:

    okay, i need makeup recs for my makeup for sunday night! its winter formal and im wearing a white dress. it has gold sparkles which look reaaaallllly obvious adn cheesy in the pics, but irl its not anyways, makeup ideas please? i cant think of something >< and ahaha no im not orange irl...
  20. ecberger

    i need a makeup shoppping buddy in orange countyyy:)

    anyone here interested? my friends arent that into makeup (jhsghsjsdf ridiculous i know hahaha) i need a shopping buddy, esp. for south coast plaza and id love to meet some people on here. anyone interested? come on girls (and guys!)