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  1. Calhoune

    My new mods!

    I'm so excited! I got my first tattoo today and here it is! Also showing some piercings I got some weeks ago, swelling FINALLY gone. Yeaaa tounge snake bites!
  2. Calhoune

    Cystic zits?

    A year ago, I got my first cystic zit and since then I've always had one. If one goes away, another one will pop up and I'm desperate for help. In the beginning I had no clue what it was and tried to pop it like I do with all zits (yes, I'm evil, I know) only problem being... it won't pop...
  3. Calhoune

    New piercings!

    Ahhhhh I'm so excited! CLUE! They're in the face area Original piercings; left nostril + labret (excuse the chocolate on my neck... >.>) First one! Okey that one was easy... Next one!: It's a smiley! yay looks like this if you're curious: Thanks for looking!
  4. Calhoune

    School Face On A Saturday

    Because I'm bored and have nothing else to do! Well technically I do, but I'm pretending I don't have homework by posting a FOTD! Yay self-deception is what makes my world go around. This is what I wear to school, well this or crazy elaborate smokey eyes when I have time. Mostly I'm just...
  5. Calhoune

    Two color boredom

    I need help, oh wonderful people of Specktra My eye-makeup routine has been the same for as long as I can remember (highlighter + 2 colors) Lately, those two colors have just been two different shades of brown. Today I threw some grey in there which was actually a big thing for me haha I don't...
  6. Calhoune

    Question to moms

    How old where you when you had your first child? And, did you wish back then, or do you wish now, that you would have waited longer or had a child sooner? Why so? I'm just asking out of curiosity, and to see especially what younger moms think about it, but I am of course happy to know what...
  7. Calhoune

    First time in the US!

    I'm going to the US! I'm so exited!! And naturally... yes, yeah I need to know what make up to buy What do you think I should spend my money on and are there items I must must get? I've mostly been looking at the drugstores brands I can't get here, like NYX, Milani, N.Y.C, e.l.f and CG and...
  8. Calhoune

    <3<3 Waterproof Mascara!

    Hey ladies! I need help to find a waterproof mascara that is really WATERPROOF. So far the waterproof mascaras I've bought have been no better then the regular ones. I'm not asking for a miracle, just something that will define my lashes but not make me look like a panda after a dip in the...
  9. Calhoune

    <3<3 Sun

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... The spring is here Being boring and neutral as usual, but I felt really inspired to take some pictures with the sun out ^^ FACE: ID Bare Minerals Medium Beige MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC30 MAC Select Cover-Up NC30 - Bourjois Blush Rose D'or Max Factor Terra...
  10. Calhoune

    <3<3 Out of Ideas, help please!

    Okey so I'm stuck with neutrals. It's not all that bad, I like neutrals, but I just recently decided I wanted to be more colorful and I have NO idea where to start. I'd love suggestions for cheeks, lips, eyeshadows and liner. Colorful, but not too bold, for example, chrome yellow is really...
  11. Calhoune

    <3<3 Small Haul

    Okey so I went to my MAC counter yesterday (One of 3-4 in the country, haha) and learned that Balloonacy wasn't coming here! I was so disappointed, I really had my eyes on the quad and Vin Goth But, as consolation, I got: All that Glitters, eyeshadow Twinks, eyeshadow Macro Violet, fluidline...
  12. Calhoune

    <3<3 Simple

    Very simple today Wanted to play a bit with my new eyeshadow, and this started out just pink at first but Moth Brown took over :loveya: And this is what I'll declare as the first spring-day here in Sweden, so I had to savour the wittle sunlight we got! Eww flash Face: Studio Fix Fluid -...
  13. Calhoune

    <3<3 Doe Eyed (first fotd)

    Hello! Trying this FOTD thing out My camera is not the best, but I'm waiting on a new one so hopefully they'll be better in the future! So sorry for the quality ^^; I got Cliniques eyeshadow trio in "Doe Eyed" yesterday from their spring collection and it's so pretty One shimmery light grey...
  14. Calhoune

    All over wash (and help with Honesty!)

    Hello, I just got honesty because I thought it would work well as an all over wash for me on the lid, since I need to minimize makeup-time before school but... It's such a pretty color but it won't work! Whenever I use a brush I have to pack pack pack it on to get the color and then it all...
  15. Calhoune

    Beauty Powder Dupe help!!

    Okey =D When I saw Preencess tutorial I fell inlove with the beautiful but natural look she got when she used MAC Smooth Harmony Beauty Powder. I'm NC30, similar to her I'm guessing, so I'd hope it'd make the same effect on me ^^ So I'm wondering if you know of a good blush since I can't find...
  16. Calhoune

    My first MAC haul

    So, I just got interested in makeup like 6 months ago, and one day I stumbled upon this site and my interest just... exploded almost ^^; Since MAC is pretty expensive for since I'm 15 with no job, I started out with just a lustreglass, Lovenectar. AND I LOVED IT TO DEATH. I though that if the...
  17. Calhoune

    That eyeshadow everybody just must have

    Hey girlies. I'm pretty new to mac, but I adore the eyeshadows, and I wonder... What color can't you live without? Or what color do you feel everyone should just have and it's a disgrace to all that is holy if you don't have it? Do you find yourself using a shade almost every day? Which one...