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  1. sweetmelissa

    Stila Spring 2010

    So everyone probably already knows this but I just thought I'd post for others like me who are not always so in the know, lol. Sephora has Stila Spring stuff up but listed as oos so far. There is a new palette in which the shadows seem to be an interesting consistency...I'll want to check...
  2. sweetmelissa

    A Stila mystery

    So I spotted these really adorable Stila Barbie look book palettes in the pics on MUA but I've never seen them before. I messaged the owner of the pics but haven't heard back yet so I thought I would ask here if anyone ever saw anything like them anywhere because I am dying to find these! I...
  3. sweetmelissa

    Stila holiday info yet?

    Not that I need anymore lemmings, lol. After a few years where I started to lose some love for Stila, lately they are releasing stuff that I actually want to buy! I'm scheming to how I can get my hands on all the kitten and Barbie stuff I want since I'm still an unemployed college student for...
  4. sweetmelissa

    Stila Spring

    Has anyone seen the sneak peek of Stila Spring 2009? The palette looks great and I cannot WAIT for the Pomegranate Crush Lip and Cheek Stain...oh yeah!
  5. sweetmelissa

    Stila Shadow Duos size issue? Help!

    Hey everyone. I've gotten my first of the new eye shadow duos in the split pan and GAH! It doesn't fit into my Stila palettes I think I recall reading on MUA somewhere that it fits into the individual metal pots they sell now for like $2 but I can't find the thread now-perhaps I imagined the...
  6. sweetmelissa

    Fierce Feminine Auburn Dupe

    So I wore my newly acquired Kitten trio last night (aka mandarin cool and most likely now being released as Champagne Glow) and it is pretty much an exact dupe of the Fierce Feminine Auburn palette from a few seasons back (Fall of 05 maybe?). I thought this was worth posting because I know...
  7. sweetmelissa

    Stila weirdness

    Stila is the only brand I know of that does weird things like renaming products or sending products in different packages. For example, my little sis ordered me the Asia Holiday trios for Christmas. One of them arrived and looks just like it should according to the website but the other-there...
  8. sweetmelissa

    I wish....

    I wish Stila would make more shimmer smudgepots-I'd love to see gold, silver, black, and maybe a bright grass green like Clover shadow. I know these would be great additions to my collection. What are your Stila wishes?
  9. sweetmelissa

    Commercials...the good, the bad and the ugly!

    What are some of the best commercials out right now? And the worst? I can tell you some of mine: I love the commercials for Jimmy Dean where the guy is playing the sun and he says things like "daddy has to be up early to light and heat the earth". I also really like the commercials where the...
  10. sweetmelissa

    Stila Fall Collection

    Has anyone seen this in person yet? I'm curious as to the size of the palettes. The colors look nice to me and I like the packaging so I'm wanting all the trios and the blush at least-oh who am I kidding? Probably the lip glazes too! What does everyone think of these-anyone else thinking of...