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  1. minakokanmuri

    Pink lips rec needed :)

    Hey all. I'm looking for a pink lipstick and gloss like the one pictured on Yuna Ito here. Thanks!
  2. minakokanmuri

    Dupe for Dior Lip Polish in Fresh Expert?

    Hi all, I'm loving the shade of Dior's Lip Polish in Fresh Expert. It's a bit pricey for me though, so i'm looking for a cheaper dupe! It's #2 in this picture courtesy of
  3. minakokanmuri

    Olivia Wilde Makeup Reccomendation

    Hi all! I've always been a fan of Olivia's look from the 2010 Golden Globes, pictured here. I'd love to hear your recommendations for duplicating her eye, lip, and cheek color. Lip recs for both her lipstick and lip liner would especially be appreciated. Thank you~ EDIT: Sorry, I meant...
  4. minakokanmuri

    First FOTD ~for the stage

    Hello everybody! Your FOTDS have been inspiring me for the last couple of years, and I think now it's finally time to post one of my own. This makeup was for a dance recital. Comments are appreciated FACE: Smashbox Photofinish Light (Oil Free) Primer MUFE Face and Body Foundation #34 Benefit...
  5. minakokanmuri

    Recs for blush similar colour Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush Peach Satin?

    hey all. I really like the colour of Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in Peach Satin, but I'm not a big fan of the blush itself. Can you recommend to me a powder blush that is similar in colour (Nars or MAC preferably) that is good quality? Thnx
  6. minakokanmuri

    Eyeliner Transfering on Eyelid

    Hey all. I use Blacktrack Fluidline on my top eyelid, but it always transfers to my crease. Ugh. I am asian with monolids, and i don't know how to fix this problem. I try wearing eyeshadow primed with UDPP and then put Fluidline on, but it still transfers within a few hours. Any ideas? Thnx.
  7. minakokanmuri

    Lengthening Mascara

    Hi all! I'm asian with super short lashes, and my monolids make them look much shorter! I'm looking for a mascara (drugstore if possible) that will lengthen my lashes. This is more important to me than volume, lol. thnx!
  8. minakokanmuri

    Finishing powder for dry skin

    hey all. looking for a finishing powder for dry sensitive skin. most powders are to take away oiliness, but i'm looking for one that will set makeup but not make skin too dry. thanks.
  9. minakokanmuri

    Foundation for dry, sensitive skin

    hey all. i'm looking for a foundation to use on my sis for her grad photo. so, i know that spf tends to shine in photographs, so i know to avoid that. but she's got extremely sensitive and dry skin. i know mineral makeup tends to sit in dry patches of skin.... she doesn't normally wear much...
  10. minakokanmuri

    Base to bring out the yellow in Ricepaper

    hey all. i'm looking for an eyeshadow base to bring out the yellow in ricepaper e/s. thnx
  11. minakokanmuri

    Nars blush for NC30

    hey all. so, with the sephora f&f sale coming up, i wanted to get some nars blushes. i'm torn between orgasm and deep throat. I can only get one: whoever has both can you please tell me what the difference between the two are and which one has lighter pink undertones of the two. also, which one...
  12. minakokanmuri

    Brands that are well-known for having the best (insert type of makeup)

    hey all. i'm wondering which brands are well-known for a certain type of makeup. like, how mac is known for their many shades and finishes of eyeshadows and nars for their high quality blushes. i'm wondering about other brands and products: which brand is known to have great quality lipglosses...
  13. minakokanmuri

    eyeliner help

    hey all. i have asian eyes that overlap. i find that on my top lid, my fluidline smudges onto my lid b/c they overlap. any recs or help appreciated.
  14. minakokanmuri

    217 Blending Brush vs. 224 Blending Brush

    hey all! i'm looking for a blending brush, and i've been hearing lots about these two, but i can only buy one. which one is better in your opinion? i have small eyelids (asian) so i'm looking for one that will blend precisely. thanks for your help!
  15. minakokanmuri

    Redness/bumps around nose! HELP!

    hey all. the area around my nose is really red with tiny bumps. whenever i put concealer on, it cakes around the bumps and looks really gross. advice on whatever moisturizer or something to treat the bumps and redness would be appreciated, plus concealer that doesn't cake easily. thanks a ton!
  16. minakokanmuri

    all over lid colour for nc30?

    hey all. looking for an light, all over lid colour for everyday. i am nc 30. recs for colours that go with it in the crease are appreciated. thanks!
  17. minakokanmuri

    Flat-top Kabuki Brush?

    Hi all! i'm looking for recs for a flat-top kabuki brush. i think mac has one called the 183, but i don't see it anywhere on their website. thanks for the help!
  18. minakokanmuri

    Question about exchanges...

    hi all. my mom bought me a studio fix powder for my bday, but it's the wrong shade. she lost the receipt for it, but i'd like to exchange it for one that matches me better. is this still possible without a receipt? i mean, it's obviously from mac and i've only used it twice. thankees for your help.
  19. minakokanmuri

    Best everyday lipglass?

    hi all. i'm looking for a lipglass or lustreglass that is good for everyday use and goes with a neutral eye. thanks.
  20. minakokanmuri

    What brush should I use to get the thinnest possible line with Fluidline?

    Hi all. I wonder which Mac brush i should use to get the thinnest line with fluidline. if you could also put an art brush equivalent, that would be fantastic. thnx!!