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  1. littlepickle

    Lime Crime Lipstick

    I don't have Pumpkin to compare, but the closest match I can think of is Notoriously Morbid Doppelganger. It might be a touch browner? It was originally released as Pumpkin King with their subscription service but has been made permanent under the name Doppelganger, hence the different name in...
  2. littlepickle

    Little birthday haul :)

    It's my birthday today! I've been doing a bit of online shopping to treat myself, and was given some make up spending money for the Quite Cute launch here in NZ today by my BF. Nothing grabbed me unfortunately, but I did end up picking up Chanel Rouge Allure Lacque in Dragon at the Chanel...
  3. littlepickle

    True Blood lips?

    My friend Tracey is looking for the perfect blood red lipstick to recreate the ever popular True Blood lips :) Can anyone make any suggestions? We swatched my perm MAC lippies (Russian Red, Ruby Woo, Brave Red, Cockney, MAC Red), along with Kanga Rouge (Dame Edna) but none were quite right - I...
  4. littlepickle

    Old screwtop e/s or ridiculous fake? I don't know enough about the old eyeshadows to know but it looks pretty weird to me!
  5. littlepickle

    Does anyone else work in Customer Services?

    Because while I love my job, the company I work for and the people I work with, frankly, sometimes it really sucks! Had a very unreasonable and abusive call today, first one that has left me feeling shaky afterwards in a long time :(
  6. littlepickle

    Odd looking quad? Haven't seen writing on the top of a quad like this before, but I am not that familiar with quads - can anyone shed some light one this? Thanks!
  7. littlepickle

    Wednesday haul :D

    Have been piggy hauling recently, here's what I picked up from the post office today :D Maaaaaail tiiiiiime! I got... MAC pigments: Bloodline, Universal Mix, Rich Life, Entremauve, Mauvement, Jardin Aires, Gold, Antique Green, Violet, Melon & Gold Mode...
  8. littlepickle

    MAC Glitter vials?

    Does anyone know what collection the random glitter vials you sometimes see are from? I've seen Hottest Pink & Absolute Gold on sales threads and in collections - they don't appear to have been available full size, I saw 'Glitter Treats' mentioned in a Make Up Alley review but I'd love to know...
  9. littlepickle

    Help me identify these MAC lipglasses! :)

    Received these in a bulk lot today, and only one has a name - they're really not my colours (I'm NC15 and I only purchased the lot for the YSL mascara and Chanel eyeshadows, heehee) but I'd really like to know their names before I pass them onto someone else. Hopefully someone can help? :)...
  10. littlepickle

    NEW ZEALANDERS - New fake seller on Trade - Avoid 'raulda'

    These listings should be pulled by the end of the day, but ye Gods, this guy had a ball with his hideous fakes listed overnight! Pics below! Pro longwear glosses with mascara on the other end - bleh! L-R, T-B - Michael Jackson (seriously) eye pencil/eyeliners, Cyndi...
  11. littlepickle

    Help! My sister is driving me nuts!

    My younger sister, Casey, is 18. She was in a relationship with Cameron (20) for about a year and half when he broke it off as he no longer wanted to be in a relationship. Casey was devastated, though said she suspected it was coming. She and I haven't been close for many years now - since she...
  12. littlepickle

    New pigments on All Cosmetics (ACW)

    First of all, I've bought off ACW many times before and have always been 100% satisfied with the authenticity of my products & their service. I've never had reason to doubt them before. But recently they have listed Golden Olive, Gold Stroke, Gold, Copper, Kitschmas & Jewelmarine 7.5g pigments...
  13. littlepickle


    My partner Mike & I have just found out we are expecting our first child! Only a month along (poor bugger has only been back from the Bahamas for a month and a half too!) and very unplanned but we are just so excited
  14. littlepickle

    The continuing saga of my hair - now with more brunette!! (+ HUGE FOTD catch up!)

    I apologise for these being so huge, I couldn't get them to upload to Flickr to resize so they're linked from my Facebook business page instead EDIT: Photobucket link instead - All thumbnails are clickable Eyebrows (for myself and sisters) are: ZA Everbrows Eyebrow Pencil in Br21 & Revlon...
  15. littlepickle

    Smoked Out Junebug

    Something a bit different to what I usually do... Eyes MAC Bare Canvas Paint as base MAC Blacktrack Fluidline applied before eyeshadow & blended out very slightly, reapplied over top to finish Sugarpill Junebug Chromalust Eyeshadow all over lid and on outer third of lower lash line MAC...
  16. littlepickle

    Big Catch-Up + Blonde! (Kind Of)

    Dark Blonde. My natural colour, but a little better My mum is so very happy! Now for EOTDs... and one FOTD! All MAC unless otherwise noted Brows are ZA Cosmetics Everbrows Eyebrow Pencil in Br21 + Revlon Brow Gel - just got them tinted and waxed last week, love it! Royal Hue Shadestick as...
  17. littlepickle

    Recc's for formal make up for my sister

    So here's me on the left, my sister Casey in the middle and my younger sister Amy in the front. My mum is having her civil union in March of next year and I am doing both sisters' make-up (unless Casey rebels, entirely possible). So I am trying to gather more of a kit to offer flexibility for...
  18. littlepickle

    Question about pigment pressing

    Sorry if this is in the wrong category! I regularly press pigments, both for myself, as gifts and to sell. The problem I'm having is with the MAC pigment Vanilla. The first time I did it and got this discolouration around the edges, I figured I had done something wrong and that it was a once...
  19. littlepickle

    How did you tell your parents/in laws?

    I'm NOT expecting, but my boyfriend's dad always seems so paranoid at the thought of me getting pregnant and tying Mike down. I naturally gain weight in my belly and boobs so anytime I put on a kilo and Wal sees me, I see HIM pulling Mike aside and asking him if I'm pregnant?! Christ! Mike and I...
  20. littlepickle

    False eyelashes & bright lips CAN cure fear of my stalker

    Long story and no non melodramatic way of explaining (the story is & of itself long, waffle-y and full of my own naivety) but anyway I have been stalked by a neighbour for the earlier part of the week and have been terrified of leaving the house (or when I do, returning). This should also...