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  1. Yolan

    Foundation/moisturiser for dry skin!

    I have dry skin on my nose and cheeks and seriously cannot find a foundation that does not make it obvious! Anyone got any recommendations not worried about price :)
  2. Yolan

    Cause when I'm with him I am thinking of you.

    I love Katy Perry's song thinking of you! This look is something completely different to what i normally do. I used Face: Studio sculpt studio fix new vegas msf benefit dallas blush to contour. I think this may be a bit too dark for me, anyone got any other suggestions for a lighter one...
  3. Yolan

    I may have gone a bit OTT

    But i dont care because i passed my driving test these were basicly little presents to myself for passing! From Dame Edna: Both trios Spectacle highlight powder Chill: Icescape l/g Snowscene l/g Rapidblack eyeliner reflects teal Not picture vellum and artic grey From the perm collection...
  4. Yolan

    A chilly look because its snowing!

    Its snowing today so i cant do anything but i played with my makeup I used: Face: prep and prime studio sculpt gentle mineralize blush benefit dallas blush to contour Eyes: frostlite fluidline blacktied e/s crystal avalanche e/s penultimate eyeliner reflects transparent teal Lips: snowscene...
  5. Yolan

    silver smoke

    I could not get any good pictures of this at all! I used face: studio sculpt (which is my new fav foundation ever!) benefit dallas blush msf in new vegas select cover up Eyes: UDPP blacktrack fluidline crystal avalanche nylon electra knight divine pandamonium black tied fineshine Lips...
  6. Yolan

    Driving test fotd

    I have my driving test in 2 hours, so i did something really simple for today. Its very different to what i normally do. Face: Moisturelush cream prep and prime SFF select concealer dallas blush msf in new vegas Eyes UDPP Solar white e/s Time and space e/s expensive pink e/s magnetic fields...
  7. Yolan

    Because i thought i lost my heatherette trio 1!

    I thought i lost this months ago, but i found it under my table today I used Trio 1 UDPP solar white blackfunk blue pop eyeliner blacktrack fluidline Fleshpot lipstick icescape lipgloss benefit dallas blush
  8. Yolan

    comet blue dazzle glass

    just a quick question what are the best l/s colours to put under comet blue?
  9. Yolan

    Blush and skincare help

    First thing i havent used a mac blush yet and the amount of colours confuse me. I have nw15 skin dark brown/ nearly black hair and blue eyes and i have no idea what blush colours would suit me. Second thing i have really dry skin i use select moisture blend and moisturelush for my skin but it...
  10. Yolan

    Cool heat returns.

    I havent used these shadows since the summer so i thought i would have a play around. I used for face : (all mac unless said otherwise) Moisturelush cream prep and prime face select moistureblend benefit dandelion select cover up Eyes: UDPP rimmel white pencil rollickin pp solar white warm...
  11. Yolan

    best highlight colour

    what would be the best brow highlight for me, im nw15 skin
  12. Yolan

    Trio 1 eyes

    CC please =] I used Rollickin paint pot Heatherette trio 1 Black funk blue pop dual edge eye pencil Max masterpiece mac mascara Pink pearl pigment
  13. Yolan

    Best haul ever

    Heatherette came today