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  1. trammie

    MAC LE BNIB Lippies, MUFE lash fibers and more! MUST GO!

    I'm having a baby in August so destashing to save some money for his arrival Top to bottom: Make-up forever lash fibers - $10 LE MAC Sun Tints in au Rose (RARE) - $20 MAC Lipglass in Spite -$15 MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Flat Out Fabulous - $15 MAC Cremesheen Glass in Richer, Lusher - $15 LE...
  2. trammie

    3rd haul this month =( GOING BROKE

    Who says the economy is going down? I'm stimulating as much as I can! LoL I've had so many hauls its exhausting. But here's my most recent one from Thursday I believe =) So I got Dramatically Different moisturizer from Clinique which came with a bunch of freebies! 3 Step Clinique...
  3. trammie

    Mini Haul until my Pro Haul arrives! Hehe

    So I went on a mini haul while I wait for my pro order to arrive. I always love visiting my freestanding MAC store since the MA's are awesome! Then went to Sephora and got the smashbox try me set. Anyways here it is! Not to mention the week before I went on a sonic chic/starflash haul...
  4. trammie

    Time to Splurge Haul =)

    So since my boyfriend has been splurging on random things I figured, my turn to splurge on MAC! hehe All in boxes still hehe My wonderful goodies all opened.... I got: -Mixing Medium (water) -Moisturecover -Fix Fluid -Full Coverage -Sonic Chic Mineralize in Pleasantry and Love Thing...
  5. trammie

    Rainy Day FOTD =)

    The day started out rainy so i figured why not do some brighter colors? hehe. Then later it turned all sunny!!!! yay! Anyways here's what I used (all MAC unless stated otherwise) Eyes bright fuschia piggie firespot solar white stars n' rockets steamy aquadisiac phloof! zoom lash L'oreal...
  6. trammie

    Mac Pigments- Which are these?

    My dear friend gave me a bunch of pigment samples from her collection being the best friend she is However I forgot to ask her to label them so I need some help figuring out the names of these pigments to label them! Any help? Thanks so much! Here's the link to the pic (it was too big to add...
  7. trammie

    Daily Face Conditioning????

    Okay so as of right now I'm only using cleansers and moisturizers. I've been alternating between ProActiv cleanser and Clearasil daily scrub, and then use MAC's MoistureLush. However I feel like I need to start toning again. Any rec's for good toners? I've used ProActiv's in the past but it can...
  8. trammie

    First FOTD =)

    (all Mac unless stated) Eyes Ploof! Shadowy Lady Queen's Jewel Face BE Mineral Foundation Refined Golden Plum Foolery I don't really take good pics soo sorry! =(
  9. trammie

    Time to say HI

    Geez I've been looking around Specktra for a couple months now and I finally found the welcome center! hehe Just wanted to say hi to all you ladies =)
  10. trammie

    Flawless Skin Rec's

    I was wondering theres a lot of FOTD's that have flawless skin. What products do you use for them? Currently I use BE for everyday use but I'm looking into getting some makeup that makes me look like I have flawless skin for those nights out and photo ops. Suggestions?