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    Question for those who use RCMA / Ben Nye / Graftobian / Cinema Secrets cream foundations..

    Question for those who use RCMA / Ben Nye / Graftobian / Cinema Secrets cream foundations.. Can anyone give me a match for NC05-10 in any of those brands? If I have to mix shades that's fine. If anyone knows where I can find swatches, that'd be great also. TIA!
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    Looking for good beauty supply stores near Napa/Fairfield/Sacramento

    If this is the wrong place for this I apologize! I am trying to find beauty supply stores (like the cheapie ones) with Nyx and Nicka K especially, but even just ones with cheap eyelashes and whatnot would be good. I know they must exist, they are everywhere else I've lived!
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    When the thorn bush turns white.

    This is just a look using some of my mineral e/s.. yes, even the Pure Luxe ones that I talk down! They are fine foiled.. I just really don't like using MOST of them otherwise. Also, sorry about the screwy lighting! Can't see how green them greens really were! Onward - I used: Pure Luxe...
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    Do forum mods initiate monthly FOTD Challenges?

    I miss challenges! Someone needs to revive that forum! Am I alone in that?
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    Work-outs that don't make ya drop weight?

    I recently got a gym membership and I'm ready to start getting into shape and gaining muscle weight. I've always been underweight. I know I'm out of shape because it's waaayyy too easy for me to get worn out.. and quite honestly I've been plain lazy for the last year. I really want to get into...
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    138 dupe? Or even anything similar?

    Does anyone know of something like this brush? I want it so badly, but if you know me or have seen my fotd's, you know I wouldn't spend $52 on a brush! Even if I was willing, it's not an option right now. So any ideas are much appreciated! TIA
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    My first face o' minerals. (Def not my best, just a warning!)

    This was my first time using loose pigments! I wanted to test drive some of my new MMU. For this look I used only UDPP as a base. Tomorrow I'll use Painterly.. and then whenever I finally get my Fyrinnae order I'll try using their primer. I want to figure out what's best under these puppies...
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    Premium Mineralz?

    Has anyone ordered from this website? I just ordered some physical sunscreen powder from them.. and I just might order some other cosmetics from them as well. Anyone else heard of this?
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    You look bodacious in that guillotine.

    It's been awhile since I've posted! I have a bunch of images piling up, but unfortunately I don't remember what all I used for each of them. I do for this most recent one, though! I'll post that and a few randoms. If you want to know what a product is in the other pictures, ask and there's a...
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    A tackier base for loose e/s or fallout-prone e/s?

    Does anyone know of a good sticky base for loose powder e/s? I've seen some people use chapstick.. which seems to be a controversial option. Has anyone tried this? Which ones work best? The she space's primer looks like it might have a stickier texture. I hate to get addicted to a product from...
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    Can you fall asleep with a panic switch?

    The lighting in these is kinda bizarro.. sorry about that!!! I haven't been doing much with my makeup lately. Seems I keep reaching for the same products and going for the same techniques. ._. Face: Monistat Anti-Chafing Almay TLC Buff + Mehron White Nicka K Pink Blush Milani Glimmer...
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    New hurr and bright colorss

    Here's the hair! Not fixed all that well atm, and still have a stained scalp, lol! And makeup! TLC Buff + Mehron White (forgot primer today.. whoops!) Palladio brow pencil UDPP UD Deluxe Palette (Fishnet, Ransom, Honey, Peace) Coastal Scents 88 Matte Palette (a dark royal blue, a...
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    Need a purdy quick hair color suggestion!

    I am planning to dye my hair either tonight or tomorrow.. but I can't decide between a cool-toned or warm-toned red. I'm probably going to use Manic Panic dye.. and the colors I'm considering are Infra Red and Divine Wine. Any thoughts? My skin tone is pretty neutral so I don't think there's an...
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    Makeup Oxidizing?

    Can anyone explain to me why this happens? I know it has something to do with oils in your skin, but I don't really understand it. Sometimes my foundation will "oxidize" and sometimes it won't, usually depending on the brand I'm using? I really just don't get it, and would like to understand!
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    I don't normally do a lot with pastel-y colors, especially not without a dark lip.. but hey. Sorry the pics are so large 'n in charge.. lol. Monistat Anti-Chafe NC15 + Mehron White CG Fresh Look Powder in Translucent Fair Maybelline Blonde Eyebrow Pencil UDPP Painterly UD eyeshadows -...
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    Japanese/Korean Foundations

    Has anyone used any brands of foundation that they like? I am curious about foundations from japan and korea because of my skin tone, and because I love the focus on lightening and pore minimizing that a lot of the products claim to have. I hate to order stuff blindly, so just wondering if...
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    Cheap routine for falsies?

    I want to try using false lashes more often. Has anyone found good deals on lashes, adhesive, the whole bit? As much as I'd love to get my hands on some 35's, I just can't afford to be doin' that!!
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    I never turn down a dare...

    Monique was darin' me to wear my Penelope lipstick.. and meh, I caved, lol. For some reason I was quite fond of the results. Even went to the grocery store.. Oh and sorry the e/l is wonky central.. the brush was bein' lame :[[[ What I remember using?:::: Monistat Anti-Chafe NC15+Mehron...
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    Soft blue marble..

    Just another fairly tame (well, tame for me..) look I wore to work today. Sorry to be a bore! Monistat Anti-Chafe NC15 + Mehron White + some random green pigment WnW Pearlescent Pink Blush (my FAVORITE) Nyx Taupe Blush CG Fresh Look Powder UDPP Maybelline Blonde Eyebrow Pencil Laura Geller...
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    Just goin' to work!

    Simple stuff! I was in a hurry and didn't use primer or concealer :S... scary!!! NC15 + Mehron White Maybelline Blonde Eyebrow Pencil UDPP Milani Shimmer Strips - Pink Glimmer (on both my eyes and my cheeks!) Emote Zoom Lash Revlon Colorstay red liner Rimmel l/s in Alarm Nothin' too...