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  1. cno64

    Life without Lauder (MAC, Bobbi Brown, Prescriptives)

    A few years ago, when Estee Lauder lost its cruelty-free status, I stopped cold turkey buying MAC (that HURT!), Bobbi Brown, Prescriptives, and Clinique. It wasn't easy, but I've found solace with Jane Iredale, Stila, Milani, NYX, It, Kiko, Makeup Geek, Colourpop, and others. I know I'm not the...
  2. cno64

    DEEEP red lipstick

    Lately, I've been craving a deep, dark, true blood red lipstick. People on Makeup Alley suggested Ellis Faas L101 "Ellis Red." I bought it, and it's the PERFECT color; just what I wanted. However, the click-pen applicator is messy and wasteful. I'd love to find that same color, in...
  3. cno64

    ET TU, URBAN DECAY? UD Is no Longer cruelty-free!

    I'm sorry if this is old news, but Urban Decay recently announced plans to begin marketing its products in China, where animal tests on cosmetics are required by law. So, Urban Decay, formerly a staunch supporter of humane principals, is losing its cruelty-free status. If you oppose this...
  4. cno64

    For recovering MAC-aholics

    Due to Estee Lauder's abandonment of their ban on animal testing, I am in the process of distancing myself from MAC. I thought it might be nice to have a "support group" for those of us who are trying to kick our MAC "habit," for various reasons - be they ethical, financial, or otherwise. I...
  5. cno64

    Tubing mascara?

    I need to find a good cruelty-free "tubing" mascara, to replace my former favorite, MAC Optimum Black. Due to Estee Lauder's recent change in their animal-testing policy, I can no longer buy MAC, or any of the Estee Lauder brands. HEEEEEELP!
  6. cno64

    Singles vs. Quads - Inspired by Shop/Cook

    The impending release of the Shop Shop Shop/Cook Cook Cook collection, which will feature a number of eyeshadow quads, has caused quite a bit of discussion about the merits of quads vs. single eyeshadows. Personally, I'm a "singles" woman, though I recognize that the quads have their...
  7. cno64

    MAC "Bring Back" Collection?

    A friend recently told me that the MAC person at "her" counter told her that MAC is going to launch a collection wherein we grubby little consumers get to vote on which discontinued/past LE items MAC will bring back. Has anyone else heard of this? Needless to say, I am drooling, while...
  8. cno64

    "Dirty" Gray Crease Color for NW15

    I am currently on the hunt for a pressed powder eyeshadow, not necessarily MAC, that is a matte deep taupe-y gray. My coloring: Bright Green Eyes/ NW15/ Dark Brown Hair, so it shouldn't be dark dark dark. A slightly deeper version of MAC Copperplate would be ideal. Suggestions, anyone?
  9. cno64

    What Would Excite You, Cosmetically?

    Today, when I was looking at the upcoming MAC Marcel Wanders collection, I found myself looking at the lipsticks and glosses, and thinking, "Oh, those look pretty, but I've already got all of those colors!" Then I started trying to think what color/finish would seem exciting and novel to me...
  10. cno64

    Embellishment - How Much Is Too Much?

    While I love the current embellishment trend, I don't want to take it all the way to "tacky." For example, I just bought a denim jacket with metallic embroidery on the yoke. Does this mean that I should not wear an embellished top with the jacket, and skip a necklace? Thanks!
  11. cno64

    July 4 makeup?

    I plan to wear a red top on Sunday, most likely with accompanying red lip color. I'm a little undecided on eye makeup, though. I've been getting compliments when I wear the plum/mauve eyeshadow I've been favoring lately, but I just don't know about red lips with even subtle purple-toned eye...
  12. cno64

    Ever Been on a Product "Kick?"

    Have any of you ever experienced a time when it seemed like you were almost obsessed with a particular type of cosmetic? For example, right now I just can't seem to get enough eyeshadows, though I already own over 70 beautiful eyeshadows. Even I realize that this is ridiculous, but it has...
  13. cno64

    A Makeup Addict's Semi-comical Failed Attempt to Go "Minimal"

    Last Saturday night, I had a difficult time sleeping, for some obscure reason. I usually get up early on Sunday morning to go to Bible study, but, because of my bad night, I figured I'd be too tired this Sunday. However, I woke up only five minutes later than usual, and decided to go for it. As...
  14. cno64

    Are you often accused of "dressing up?"

    Ever since I was a teen, I've fairly often had people say things to me like, "You're all dressed up!" even when I was just wearing jeans and a nice top. And whenever my mother and I would be getting ready to go someplace such as a family gathering, and I'd wonder aloud what to wear, she'd...
  15. cno64

    Are there any cult favorites that just don't work for you?

    Okay; I'll admit that I saw a similar thread on Makeup Alley, but I thought it would be an interesting and fun topic for discussion here. Are there any makeup/skincare products, in any line, that everyone else seems to just LOOVE, but that don't work well for you? I guess one of mine would have...
  16. cno64

    Trick for Super Long Lashes?

    Does anyone know of a trick to achieve [at least the look of] super-long lashes? I am lash-challenged, and the use of Revitalash makes my lashes okay, but I really want WOW! I use Prep + Prime Lash, and really like it, but it tends toward clumpiness. Advice, anyone?
  17. cno64

    If a Good Friend's Makeup is Unflattering, Do You Tell Her?

    If a good friend persists in wearing her makeup in a way that is unflattering, would you all mention it to her, or try to just ignore it, figuring that it's *her* face to do with as she likes? If I were the one wearing the unflattering look, I would want to be told, in a diplomatic way. Instead...
  18. cno64

    Colorful but Low-key Lips?

    I have noticed quite a few women, usually on TV (What Not to Wear's Stacy London is a perfect example), who sport a deep or bright lip color, but it somehow looks low-key and not in-your-face. Does anyone know how this look is achieved?
  19. cno64

    Is it reeeeally that terrible to color coordinate?

    Maybe I'm just an '80s throwback, but I like to match my lip color to my top, unless the top is some completely out-of-the-question color, like blue, green, gray or brown. In those cases I'll go with a color like rose or pinky red. I don't do matching eyeshadow; I go for...
  20. cno64

    Do you have a "MAC radar?"

    Recently someone in the Sugarsweet collection discussion mentioned having "an internal MAC radar" that indicates what MAC products are the ones to buy. Now, everyone who's been "into MAC" for longer than about a week, and frequents this site, knows about MAC's frequent and fabulous LE...