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  1. jillybean

    MAC Early Buzz: News for Upcoming Collections in 2018

    The Blondes are the ones who designed the corset Fergie wore in her VG image. That comes out 9/6 I believe. Here's another holiday image I found.
  2. jillybean

    What lipstick is Kelly Osbourne wearing?

    I just watched Project Runway Junior from 12/3/15, where Kelly is a judge and she had on the most amazing lilac lip. I know it's not Dodgy Girl (unless she used a different liner) as this one is more blue based. I searched everywhere online and can't find it so thought I'd check here. How can I...
  3. jillybean

    Replacement for MAC Charged Water Cleanser?

    I'm so bummed that MAC discontinued my beloved Charged Water Cleanser. I would buy 3-4 at a time and am now down to my last one. Does anyone know of a product that is similar? I wash my face with a face wash such as Murad Clarifying, Philosophy Purity Made Simple, then use the Charged...
  4. jillybean

    Is there a MAC e/s that is the same color as the Rave e/l?

    LOVE the color of the eyeliner but doesn't stay on as long as I'd like it to, even with a product similar to Benefit's She Laq. Would like to use an e/s to help. If MAC doesn't make one, are there any other suggestions? Thank you!
  5. jillybean

    Looking for Fluidline recs for the Electroflash MES

    Hi ladies! I'm planning on getting all of the MES once Electroflash is up but wanted to know what Fluidlines you think would go best with them? I generally do a line on top of my lash and underneath (usually same color) but since I don't have a store within two hours of me, I won't be able to be...
  6. jillybean

    What goes with Delft & Artifact Paint Pots?

    Nope, not all together. lol I recently purchased Delft and LOVE it but what shadows would look best with this color? I am using it in my crease but I tend to be pretty matchy-matchy with my e/s so it's hard to deviate. I am currently using a gold from The Body Shop but am looking for any...
  7. jillybean

    Say hi to the new girl!

    Hi everyone! Just joined last night but wanted to make my first post in the introductions. I've just been slowly getting into MAC after fighting tooth and nail to NOT do it. lol I made the mistake of asking the makeup artist at work to recommend a dramatic mascara and she just started redoing...