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  1. ashley8119

    Backordered for 2 months?!

    I placed an order for Crimson lipmix (with Fuchsia, Blue and Burgundy lipmixes) on August 7th and it's still backordered! Is it usual for MAC to be backordered on an item this long? The longest In my previous MAC experience has been only 2 weeks. Has anybody ever dealt with this before? I'm...
  2. ashley8119

    If you missed out on shades like Candy Yum Yum, Queen's Sin, Bunny Pink or other shades-

    If you missed out on shades like Candy Yum Yum, Queen's Sin, Bunny Pink or other shades- You can get an EXACT dupe at Three Custom Color Specialists. They have a color database where people send in swatches of their discontinued lipsticks or any lipstick they want recreated, and it's saved in a...
  3. ashley8119

    Wanda Woodward (from Cry Baby) inspired look

    I thought the wig had a vintage/"Cry Baby"-ish feel so I thought I would give it a try! FACE Hourglass primer Neutrogena foundation "Classic Ivory" MUFE HD Foundation (contouring) MAC Harmony (contouring) MAC Well Dressed (blush) MAC Lightscapade (highlight)...
  4. ashley8119

    Can redheads wear orange lips?

    I really want to try Beta, but I'm afraid it might look weird with my hair. Everybody I've mentioned wanting to try Beta to says something about me having red hair and how it might not look "right". I love Anime and Harlot (two of the brightest OCC colors, in my opinion) and wear them often. I...
  5. ashley8119

    bold/dramatic makeup to go with So Chaud l/s?

    I did a search but didn't have much luck finding some ideas for bold/dramatic looks to pair with So Chaud. I usually do the neutral eye and warm blush/bronzer to go with So Chaud but I'm looking for something more dramatic! Any help would be so very appreciated!
  6. ashley8119

    LOTD: Lady Danger. <3

    I love Lady Danger. The end. <3 (It looks like I over-traced my lip line in the second picture, I didn't, it's just the light didn't reflect on the gloss as much in the picture. It didn't look like that in real life. lol) Products: Make Up For Ever Aqua Lips...
  7. ashley8119

    FOTD inspired by Kim Kardashian's winged liner/bright lips look by Troy Jensen

    Inspiration: My recreation: FACE Graftobian Glamour Creme in "Bombshell" MAC Pink Swoon, Well Dressed, Dollymix blushes MAC Vanilla pigment (highlight) Make Up For Ever HD Finishing Powder MAC NW 15 Studio Sculpt concealer MAC Blonde MSF...
  8. ashley8119

    going on a "kind of" date tonight. wearing a slightly metallic red lip, need eye/cheek recs!

    going on a "kind of" date tonight. wearing a slightly metallic red lip, need eye/cheek recs! I'm going to be wearing MUFE Rouge Artist Intense #21 (it's such a pretty metallic red, I love it!) It reminds me of M.A.C Port Red from Naughty Nauticals. Anyway, I'm a bit stumped about what to wear...
  9. ashley8119

    Have you heard about The Beauty Movement?

    I'm a part of an amazing organization called The Beauty Movement and it's a great cause. The Beauty Movement was founded by Cortney Staples when she was teaching a makeup course and the participants were instructed to bring their makeup to the course and she would show each of them how to get...
  10. ashley8119

    Glammed up David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust for Halloween?

    I was going to do the LP cover of David Bowie's "Aladdin Sane" for Halloween, but I wanted to glam it up a bit and make it a bit more feminine. Any suggestions for lips/cheeks? Thanks in advance!
  11. ashley8119

    What kind of 'eye' look to go with NARS Schiap?

    I did a search for this and all I came up with was Kitten e/s and black winged liner. That's my typical eye makeup look, so I wanted something a little bit different with NARS Schiap on the lips for my 21st birthday party. I considered the blue eyeliner look that Rihanna sported awhile back, but...
  12. ashley8119

    Why am I like this? What's wrong with me?

    Okay, so this started back in my sophomore year of high school. I used to talk to lots of the guys, never sleep with them or anything, but eventually they all started to fall for me and then when we were about to become official, I decided that I really didn't want to be in a relationship. Then...
  13. ashley8119

    Recs for a sexy androgynous look?

    I'm starting to build my portfolio and one of my models has a great face. She also has a platinum blonde mohawk, so for one shot, I was going to do something a bit more high fashion/editorial but I was also going to try a clean looking androgynous look and probably mess her hair up with texture...
  14. ashley8119

    Lady Danger l/s vs So Chaud l/s?

    I have (and LOVE) Lady Danger and I've been looking at So Chaud as well. How similar are they? One person I know who works at M.A.C in Macy's said that they're practically the same color and it's not worth it to have both. But another Macy's M.A.C employee said that both colors are different...
  15. ashley8119

    Questions about building a professional portfolio

    1.) What is the ideal number of photos in a professional portfolio for somebody starting out as a freelance makeup artist? 2.) How many models should I have for my portfolio? 3.) What types of looks should be featured in a professional portfolio (bridal, high fashion, etc)? 4.) Is a plain...
  16. ashley8119

    My everyday look = winged liner + bright lips

    Face Cargo OneBase concealer/foundation M.A.C Pink Swoon/Dollymix Stila Kitten e/s on cheekbones (works great as a highlighter!) M.A.C Blonde MSF Eyes Stila Kitten e/s (sheer wash) M.A.C Blacktrack fluidline Maybelline XXL mascara Lips M.A.C Magenta l/l M.A.C Girl About Town l/s M.A.C Style...
  17. ashley8119

    Coral Polyp l/s - eye/cheek recs?

    Recently, Coral Polyp was recommended to me. I'm a lighter-than-NW15 (dyed) redhead with brown eyes (w/ LOTS of golden flecks in them) so I was wondering if anybody had any cheek/eye recs to go with this lipstick?
  18. ashley8119

    How to create Barbie Loves M.A.C promo image?

    I love the makeup on the model (on the left). I love the green and pink! I want to recreate that look for my 21st birthday party (it's going to be a Willy Wonka/candy theme) and I thought the pink and green looked cute and fun and bright like candy! Here's the picture I'm referring to: Recs...
  19. ashley8119

    Inspired by a fellow Specktra member's FOTD, but changing lippie?

    I LOVE this look, posted by the lovely daniela_24 <- the original post Everything looks great on her and I would like to recreate this look but dark lippies can be somewhat difficult for me to pull off. Would Lady Danger l/s look okay with the...
  20. ashley8119

    Recs for this pretty/fresh/clean look?

    My friend has a big event coming up at her church and asked me to do her makeup for the event. She is half Caucasian, half Filipina and absolutely GORGEOUS. Obviously since it will be a church event, red lips or smokey eyes are out of the question. So I found inspiration from Olivia Hussey as...