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  1. onezumi

    MAC Mineral Skinfinish Natural Dark as a bronzer?

    Hi! I tried MAC Bronzer in "Bronze", but it didn't appear to show up very well on my skin in photos. It looked kind of washed out. So, the MAC MUA recommended MAC Mineral Skinfinish Natural Dark as a bronzer. I have never heard that before. Does anyone else do this? Is this weird? I'm...
  2. onezumi

    Urg. They discontinued my deodorant and I can't find a good replacement :(

    Secret used to make this great clear deodorant called Secret Platinum that worked all day without fail. They replaced it with Secret Flawless which does not work for me at all! I emailed them to complain and they said that the best thing they had was the clear scented ones that they carry now...
  3. onezumi

    Badly Shedding Posh Brushes - Should I buy up?

    I love the cheap Posh brushes, but after having them for a year or two they started to shed badly. For example if my foundation/moisturizer is not 100% dry it will deposit so much hair on my face that I have to wash it all off and start over. So the question is: is it worth buying up to a...
  4. onezumi

    My eyelid is swollen :(

    *sigh* This past week I put my contact lenses in every day and a bit of e/s and mascara on every day. I clean my brushes every 2 weeks, I clean my contact lenses every day and wash my face before I go to sleep, but I woke up today with a swollen inner upper eyelid. It kind of hurts too. Does...
  5. onezumi

    How to style sideswept Kat von D-like bangs?

    So, I've had sideswept bangs for awhile now and I can't seem to get them to stay out of my eyes. I read that they use a lot of hair wax on the west coast to do this? So...what kind of product would make my hair behave properly? I've tried garnier soft molding putty and it didn't seem to work. I...
  6. onezumi

    Stila Mango Crush dupe?

    Is there a Mango Crush lip/cheek stain dupe out there yet? I wanted to try the stain concept in this color to see if it looked good on me/if I'd actually be able to wear a stain in the heat on vacation before buying a high - end one. If not I'll just get it at Sephora today.
  7. onezumi

    Salon in Pittsburgh Specializing in Ultra Curly Hair?

    Aaa! This is such a long shot, I know. My best friend is getting married in May. The wedding is in the South Hills of Pittsburgh and she's desperate to find a salon. The catch? She has the ULTRA curly hair. SUPER ULTRA OMG CURLY hair. I guess alternatively, if anyone has any good pictures...
  8. onezumi

    Drugstore Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer?

    Does it exist? I liked the Laura Mercier, but considering I don't really need it much I was thinking of getting something cheaper.
  9. onezumi

    Preventing shoes from getting sweaty

    Had anyone figured out how to prevent dress shoes that shouldn't be worn with socks from getting gross? I heard that some people use footpowder, but that just gets cakey and disgusting...
  10. onezumi

    Sensitive eyed contact lens wearer needs mascara

    I seem to be unable to find mascara that are meant for people who wear contacts. Any ideas? Note: I am allergic to something in Mac Zoom Lash and the latex based "tubing" mascara by Blinc.
  11. onezumi

    Florida humidity and hair

    So my husband and I just celebrated our anniversary at Disney World. (omg yay!) The problem is that even with a flat iron or lots of gel... My hair looked awful and frizzy. Im normally in NJ so I was not prepared. What should I do differently next time? Even mousse and leaving it curly was a...
  12. onezumi

    Salon tipping for fixes?

    My stylist made a mistake and my hair needed to be fixed later. A trainee was made to do most of the fixing (putting on glaze and blow dry). Do you tip a trainee when you are coming back because the first attempt wasn't right?
  13. onezumi

    Lush Candy Fluff Dupe?

    Candy Fluff is my favorite scent, but Lush does not make a perfume, aside from the exorbitantly priced LE one they did. Has anyone found something similar? I am using Aquolina Pink Sugar right now and I don't like it as much..
  14. onezumi

    Getting shoes made for you?

    Has anyone ever done this? I have terrible trouble wearing off the rack shoes due to major surgeries on my feet and all the comfort lines tend to look like something a granny would wear. If you've had this done, what was it like? How much should I look to spend? Any good shops near NJ/NYC?
  15. onezumi

    Paper-thin nails :(

    I have the worst nails ever! They are so weak that I can't open things without hurting my fingers. My right thumb and first two fingers are always messed up and will even try to pull away from the nail bed. I went to the doctor who had me try biotin vitamins. They did nothing so she said it is...
  16. onezumi

    Mac Lipgloss getting gross while wearing?

    I'm having trouble where my Mac lipglosses get all gross and cakey where my lips meet a few hours after they have been applied. Am I putting them on wrong? My Nars glosses don't seem to do this as much which is so weird!
  17. onezumi

    2 abnormal pap biopsy

    I had my regular pap smear and it came up abnormal for the first time in my life. (I'm 28 and I've been going to the doctor each year since I was 18.) I had a re-pap and it came up worse. So this Thursday I have to get a biopsy and I'm really scared honestly. They said I was negative for HPV...
  18. onezumi

    Non-plumping Dupe of Mac Big Kiss gloss?

    A Mac MUA sold me Big Kiss gloss. I loved the color...people actually approached me saying how great it looked on. However I had to return it because the plumping stuff made my face feel as if it were on fire. She couldn't find a similar color...anyone know where I can find this color without...
  19. onezumi

    Sanitation at Sephora

    How does trying stuff on at Sephora work? Am I the only person grossed out by some aspects of Sephora? I went to shop for a lip gloss and the sales person wanted me to try lip gloss on with a disposable wand, but the original wand was still attached so who knows how many people tried the gloss...
  20. onezumi

    My Office Face

    Eeek! This is my first FOTD. I hope I do it right! Mine is a little boring I am afraid... and my stupid camera wasn't pointed properly at me! I tried High ISO on this clicky camera and it didn't come out the best. I'll use my Canon Rebel for the next one. I am just posting what I wear to...