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  1. versace

    love this look but hate these pics

    i dont know why everything looks horrible on pics it was so much better colors look so pale it really wasnt like that i actually really love this look its sultry but not overdone im so sorry for crappy pics eyes: too faced shadow insurance mac nylon as highlight mac smudged violet in crease...
  2. versace

    dupe for

    could anyone tell me which eyeshadow (MAC) or other brand is dupe for magnetic fields,moth brown and smut? thank you very much
  3. versace

    peaches and gray

    im sorry pics look so bad,light was so poor everything looks so odd,i look fair and make up doesnt show well.i dont have macro mode but i thought when i took pics ill put them up.CC is welcome EYES: max factor black kohl in waterline artdeco eyeshadow base sephora grey mat eyeshadow artdeco...
  4. versace

    bronzy eyes+pink lips

    I really dont understand whats wrong with my camera,colors really dont look vibrant enough.It looks like i dont have blush while i was wearing a lot,i cannot see my blacktrack in pics nore my blacktied.It looks like brown shadow while it was bronze. FACE YSL touche eclat clinique blended powder...
  5. versace

    my poor ma collection-non mac and a bit of mac

    I just wanted to swatch something,but then i found out that i dont have much make up at all,so i swatched everything. first pic are my artdeco eyeshadows,i know this isnt helpfull,but i dont know which numbers because i depotted them,and threw packaging away 2.pic top l to r-2 deborah...
  6. versace

    fotd virgin no more

    So i have to say i feel very ashamed comparing to you guys.But Im here to learn.My fotd looks so plain and uninteresting,but it didnt look that way in real life.These pics are taken in natural light. FACE: Clarins primer YSL concealer Max factor pressed powder blush bourjois in rose EYES: MAC...
  7. versace

    Lip s/g suggestion

    What lipstick or lipgloss would look like this one on pics? Thank you ladies in advance
  8. versace


    I dont know if this is the right place.. First time sephora is opend in my country. I bought a brush for foundation and im really happy. But i would like to buy some more stuff and i was wondering what could you recommend.Are their eyeshadows quality.lipglosses?
  9. versace

    HELP its really serious

    Please girls,i know someone could help me. I need new foundation,every singleone polutes my pores i dont have acne,but pores bother me So far I tried Vichy-didnt do it Dior purelight-didnt cover dior matt-so hard to put max factor color adapt-messy suggestions,please?
  10. versace


    I waS just wondering if you could explain me what is CHANEL LUMIERE fond de teint???it sais finish make up,it's white and looks like a what does it do??
  11. versace

    Need color recs for picture

    im begging you just to tell me where can i buy colors similar to these..please,but non mac we dont have it in my country...please
  12. versace

    Need non-MAC color recs

    could someone please tell me where can i find these colors of eyeshadows,but not mac,i cannot find it here...something like loreal,maybelline,chanel,dior etc i where can i find these colors?please PM me
  13. versace


    which lipgloss or lipstick wil make my lips appear fuller... i tried rimmel volume lipstick i can feel that it tickles but i dont see result...
  14. versace

    your favorite mascara ever

    i have long black thick lashes,but whenever i use mascara im not satisfied with result...i know it could be better..i would like volume+some length,but still to look natural...i use new loreal shocking volume mascara and its the worst one i have used so far.. so best mascara ever and why?