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  1. MsCocoa

    Heatherette + Exclusive Juicy Tubes!

    L-R; Trio 1, Smooth Harmony, Sock Hop & Style Minx. Christopher Kane World Tour Juicy Tubes in Tokyo Apple Shibuya and NYC Chelsea Coffee...they're yummy I could have easily bought all the flavours...I love JT's! GWP bag... My hot pink nail polish! (Yes that is my fridge)
  2. MsCocoa

    Spring 08 Nail trends

    ^^^I agree with brights on the hands I actually happen to prefer brights on my fingers and dark colours or french on my toes.
  3. MsCocoa

    Hey There!

    Hi, I'm MsCocoa from London and I've been lurking here for awhile but joined today- I'm a makeup novice but I'm looking to learn more techniques and get better!