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  1. julie150463

    Green or light blue Solar Bits??

    Have just stumbled across this seller rorobobo2006 who is selling Solar Bits in every colour under the rainbow. Mac Solar Bits Pearlized Pigment gold pink 3.9g on eBay (end time 20-Sep-09 07:39:59 BST) Have just emailed them - should be interesting
  2. julie150463

    Deals n Steals - what is Specktra playing at?

    Just been looking at the Deals n Steals forum and this is the 1st recommendation I looked at How do they choose these bargains? Recommending a fake palette is just plain silly.
  3. julie150463

    Fake fluidline :(

    Have a look at this MAC FLUIDLINE EYE LINER GEL BLACK on eBay, also, Eyeliner, Make-Up Cosmetics, Health Beauty (end time 27-Apr-09 12:18:32 BST) Oh dear
  4. julie150463

    Lustreglass - have a look at this

    mac lusterglass lip gloss a09 pink on eBay, also, Lip Gloss, Make-Up Cosmetics, Health Beauty (end time 19-Dec-08 18:55:16 GMT)
  5. julie150463

    Lustreglass in a pot?

    MAC Lustreglass - Lip Gloss on eBay, also, Lip Gloss, Make-Up Cosmetics, Health Beauty (end time 26-Aug-08 11:32:44 BST) Have I missed something?
  6. julie150463

    Glitters again!

    Hi ladies At last!! I sent 3 glitters to MAC - silver, jewelmarine & grey for verification (I'd previously bought these from a 'wholesaler' - long since returned to said wholesaler) Today - this is the letter I finally received These glitters are flooding ebay - you have been warned...
  7. julie150463

    Blushers - any experts?

    I think my fake radar has struck again. I've had these this morning but I have nothing to compare them to so I have no real idea BUT they are in the boxes that mark so easily - not a good sign. Advices appreciated before I go jump off the nearest bridge. Apologies for the HUGE photos
  8. julie150463

    'Wholesale lists'

    As we all know now MAC do not do wholesale - a lesson I've had to learn the hard way!! Anyway as I'm still on some of the lists - thought I'd update you with what they are selling with the possibility it may highlight 'potential' fakes. Can't say 100% that they are counterfeit but they do seem...
  9. julie150463

    ES advice please - with photos

    Hi ladies Well I need your advice as I'm still not sure about these eyeshadows I've already shown Panda & Xqueeze-me and the jury's still out I've taken lots of photos of 2 I suspect (I have what I think are good ones to compare them to) - the 'suspect' one is on the right of each photo. I...
  10. julie150463

    Most faked eye shadow colours?

    Hi ladies I've spent days and I mean days reading this section of the Spektra forum - it's mind blowing! What do you think are the most faked colours in the ES? I've become a nervous wreck and am continually checking, scrutinising and even demolishing some of my eyeshadows trying to make...
  11. julie150463

    Brush advice - 129SH

    Hi ladies Can anyone tell me if this is a fake - I'm highly suspicious as the cellophane wrap has no barcode or markings at all
  12. julie150463

    Black Glitter code?

    Hi ladies Now I'm superparanoid about what I'm selling. Could someone have a look at this label and tell me if it's ok? Not seen a code like it so I'm thinking that doesn't bode too well Thanks Julie