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  1. texasmommy

    MAC, Urban Decay, Nabla, and more

    MAC Nordie palettes, Matte and Metallic $23 each shipped (2 to 3 colors from each swiped) MAC Show Gold EDS and brush $30 shipped, only used once, brush is new UD Heat palette (with new Fever gloss included) $35 shipped, used only a few colors in palette More to come
  2. texasmommy

    MAC Boom Boom Bloom Collection (March 2019)

    My kind of colors, and packaging!
  3. texasmommy

    Urban Decay and MAC

    I have PayPal and prices include shipping in US. Thanks! UD eye shadow and liner both in Psychedelic Sister, brand new $15 for both MAC ED eye shadows in Fathoms Deep and Soul Serenade $13 each or both for $24, each used maybe twice
  4. texasmommy

    Moving with your makeup collection, from US to Germany

    Not sure where to post, but has anyone ever had to move from the United States to a country in Europe (Germany, for me next year)? Some things like hair and body products aren't an issue, but what about cosmetics and perfume? Any advice would be awesome, thanks!
  5. texasmommy

    Spring 2014? And wondering about the next F&F sale

    I know that UD usually does their 20% off friends and family sale twice a year, so hopefully another one is coming up! I want to say it's usually in February or March, but have not seen anything about it yet. And I am also wondering if anyone has heard anything about new stuff coming out. I'd...