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  1. MzFit

    Style Sense Mississauga Macadamia Natural Oil Run

    Anyone in the GTA you have to check this out I picked up the Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment for $19.99 regular price is $36. I also saw they had the shampoo, leave in conditioner and the healing oil spray. I know there was a few bottles of everything left so get there fast. I have also seen the...
  2. MzFit

    Sephora cross boarder exchange....

    So I just bought something today that I am so not in love with. I only bought it cause of the $20 VIB copoun I have to use by the 13th. I am going to Buffalo on the 16th do you think the Sephora there would allow me to do an exchange I really want to get the perfume Flowerbomb its the only thing...
  3. MzFit

    How would you style...

    A light gold dress similar to mac's gorgouse gold minus the greenish tint.. It falls to just above the knee plunging neckline. It's what I am planning to wear for NYE. Would you have it all gold shoes purse etc? Is that to matchy matchy? What do you ladies have planned for NYE?
  4. MzFit

    Black Friday Virgin ....

    I am pumped going to Pittsburgh for black friday. I don't know really what expect we have boxing day in Canada but I heard this is even crazzier. So here the high end stores Sephora, Lululemon, Holts (Like Macey's) they don't really have any great sales is it diffrent in the US? What is Victoria...
  5. MzFit

    MAC Glitter help....

    so I have this random glitter I want to list it in my sampels on MUA but I am not sure of the name it looks like part of it is missing. I am hoping the spektra MAC experts can help. It is from early 2000's I got it when I was in college. White ...????
  6. MzFit

    Is urban decay big fatty lip plumper still for sale?

    I have a sample I got and after spending my money on venom and a few others I have believe this is the best of the bunch but now I see it is not on there site or sephora's
  7. MzFit

    Dancing with the stars...

    half the reason I watch the show is for the costums and makeup to be an MA on that show would be a dream come true!
  8. MzFit

    Best dating/relationship advice you have ever gotten?

    Be it a book you read or something someone told you.
  9. MzFit

    My collection ....

    Pigments and paint pots Shadesticks and eyeliners Cream colour bases and mineralized eyeshadows. Lipsticks and glosses Foundations mostrizures a few empty boxes Brushes
  10. MzFit

    MAC / Estee Lauder Warehouse Sale...

    I work friend of mine got me the MAC/Estee Lauder sale invite coming up I am wondering who has been? What were the prices like and product selection? Thanks so excited
  11. MzFit

    Bio Ionic permanent straightening

    have any of you ladies had this done? Thoughts and opnions I am thinking about getting a consult it is price but if I didn't have to use a hot straightner all summer that would be fanfreakingtastic