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  1. patentg33k

    Pat McGrath Beauty

    I have it, and use it quite a bit. I was tempted to get one as a gift, but it was sold out by the time I realized the sale was starting.
  2. patentg33k

    Spring-Summer 2020

    That video is beautiful. I haven't purchased an Chanel in a VERY long time. I want Rayon, Desert Wind. Then I can't decide between Vastness or Quartz Rose. I also want the Baume in Golden Light--wow Elegant those swatches!!! :) Beautiful. Should I also get the Sculpting Baume?
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    General Chanel Chat

    Someone posted this swatch video of these shades.
  4. patentg33k

    Spring-Summer 2020

    She's put up swatches of the liquid eyeshadows.
  5. patentg33k

    Guerlain discussion

    So confusing. There isn't any mention of the LMVH corporate reports that Guerlain is pulling out of the US. In my mind, though, they're becoming like Shu Uemura where they've become so inaccessible because their counters are hard to find. Recently, I was in the King of Prussia mall near Philly...
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    All Things Sephora

    I have no business buying a new highlighter but.... Benefit Cookie or Milk Flex in Lit? Which would you pick?
  7. patentg33k

    Chantecaille Discussion

    I'm not one who does a lot of price per ounce measuring. Honestly, I think a well-formulated small product is fine by me. But this Chantecaille bullet seems unusually small. And it's not KA SSE type of pigmentation (the OW swatches are my arm are swiped 2-3x's.) When I got home, I checked to...
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    Chantecaille Discussion

    Hi there I just left the Chantecaille counter. Here are the swatches that I made at the counter. The foundation does seem to have quite a bit of slip to it. The bullet is really small. I feel like you would probably do OK with 0W Which seems to me more like an NC 10 to NC 15. backstory: I...
  9. patentg33k

    Pat McGrath Beauty

    Temptalia has swatches up. I guess these quads have the heavy mirrored packaging that the 12-pans do, so unlike the 6-pan with the cardboard, these are super luxe heavy.
  10. patentg33k

    Chantecaille Discussion

    It is not looking very dark at all--and it seems pinkish. I called my local Neimans and I'm hoping to run up there tomorrow. I don't think I'll be brave enough to take pics (they're not a super friendly one), but I'll let you know. Which Mac shade are you?
  11. patentg33k

    Chantecaille Discussion

    I don't know if you saw these swatches from The Beauty Professor--she has #1 here.
  12. patentg33k

    Chantecaille Discussion

    I've seen this on Neiman's website. I do a lot of travel so I'm interested in this. I'll post thoughts if they have it at my local store. @Winthrop44 are you still liking the WA stick? That's the other one in my sights.
  13. patentg33k

    Armani Discussion

    Thank you Elegant and Monsy!!! I found these pics too (apologies if these are already posted) of the blushes. The blush in the beautyprofessor's picture is listed as #50 .
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    All Things Sephora

    Agree---from NARS yesterday. Stunning. Is there any feedback on the Hourglass Metallic Strobe palette? Temptalia gave it a B+ and I DO NOT NEED MORE HIGHLIGHTERS. looks so pretty!!
  15. patentg33k

    Becca Cosmetics

    Here's an instagram post or two from a fabulous makeup artist (not me!) These Light Chasers are getting pretty mixed reviews.
  16. patentg33k

    MAC Future Forward 2017 (April - June 2017)

    Saw this on Instagram. I'm seeing a deeper purple on the lower cheek and a pink-white highlighter on the upper cheek. If you've seen this powder in real life (or a good reliable swatch) do we think she is wearing just the powder on her whole cheek, or she's mixed it with another blush or...
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    This instagram account has some video swatches as well, which I'm having trouble linking. The video swatches are worth watching b/c you can see the reflectivity. These look like heavy swatches....
  18. patentg33k

    Tom Ford Beauty Discussion

    This post on Beautytalk uses the word "orangey"--IDK. It looks beautiful. I think I can finally decide when Sabrina posts at Beauty Look Book ]
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    All Things Sephora

    From our own Spectra's social media. Does anyone know anything about the Marc Jacob's highlighter? It reminds me of Burberry's Fresh Glow but I can't find any swatches of the MJ version. Exclusive online early access on the Sephora app (not the website, apparently)