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  1. ruby_soho

    New jacket!

    I'd been wanting to get a nice snowboard jacket this winter because my Old Navy pea coat doesn't quite cut it in -30 weather. I don't snowboard or ski or do any outdoor sports for that matter, but it gets mighty cold and windy in Ottawa and I walk everywhere. I ended up buying this: It was...
  2. ruby_soho

    Some FOTDs - Nov. 29th

    It's been a while so here are a few FOTDs from me. Don't mind the boring title:-P Click to enlarge. Everything MAC unless otherwise noted. I couldn't really get any good eye shots for those guys^^
  3. ruby_soho

    A few FOTDs...

    Hi everybody! I haven't posted in foreverrrr. I pretty much stopped doing anything more than basic makeup half way through the summer. Here are a few old looks - I'm trying to get my makeup mojo back and do more. Click to enlarge!
  4. ruby_soho

    2 FOTDs - Pompous Blue and Smokey Pink

    Click the thumbnails to enlarge them! Comments and criticisms appreciated I liked the MAC look Lip 65 for A Muse so I kinda changed it up a little and used nothing it calls for :-P I looove the new Technacolour eyeshadows
  5. ruby_soho

    I'm gonna make you mine under the disco light

    Here are three recent FOTDs. Click to enlarge!!
  6. ruby_soho

    3 new looks - lots of lashes

    Hi everybody! Here are 3 looks I've done this week. Click to enlarge ^These were taken after work so it's a little worn
  7. ruby_soho

    If you can't stand upon the water I will see you on the ocean floor

    Hey peeps! Here's todays FOTD, I haven't worn eye makeup all week so I was dying to try out my new #25 lashes. Sorry the picture is big, it gets too distorted when if I make it any smaller. Click to enlarge!
  8. ruby_soho

    People gawk "Is that pie green?"

    Here's another one from me! I was bored tonight so I did some makeup whilst watching Holmes on Holmes:-P Click to enlarge!
  9. ruby_soho

    Key lime pie, cheapest hooker I've ever had

    I was a little bored tonight so I played around with some eye makeup and this is the result. The Gorgeous Gold doesn't show up as much in the pictures..the first picture is most accurate of the colours. Click to enlarge
  10. ruby_soho

    We'll shoot back holy water like cheap whiskey

    Here's my simple FOTD for work today. Click to enlarge ETA: I forgot to put that I'm wearing #3 lashes.
  11. ruby_soho

    A little Lure FOTD

    I know this looks like all my other purple looks but I actually used something different! :-P Click to enlarge.
  12. ruby_soho

    Blue FOTD

    Here's my FOTD from today. I'm going to MAC to pick up stuff from the new collections yaaaay Click to enlarge!
  13. ruby_soho

    Simple wedding FOTD

    Hi all! I went to my cousins' wedding yesterday and this is the look I donned! Click to enlarge
  14. ruby_soho

    I'd rather wake up beside you and breathe that old familar smell

    I start a new job tonight so I'm a little nervous. Hopefully they won't think I wear too much makeup:-P Click to enlarge!
  15. ruby_soho

    You're trying my shoes on for a change, they look so good but feel so strange

    It's me again! I'm not wearing anything on my lips in the pictures, but I later wore Fresh Buzz and Petal Pusher. Click to enlarge!
  16. ruby_soho

    Now this is all I have, paper and pen to remember you with

    It's me - again! I wore this out to go get my hair done, mebe I'll do a FOTD for tomorrow with the new do! Click to enlarge
  17. ruby_soho

    Maybe next time will be the right time, maybe next time will be your time

    Hi guys! I haven't posted here in forever! There are sooo many new members - does anyone remember me?:-P I haven't been wearing much in the way of eye makeup lately so there's been nothing to document! Hope everyone is having a good summer so far. Click to enlarge! The smiley picture is...
  18. ruby_soho

    You see this lady, she's my baby

    So it feels like I haven't posted in forever! I haven't been wearing much makeup lately but I had a bridal shower to go to today! Click to enlarge!
  19. ruby_soho

    Pancake Meow

    So I guess this would be the best forum to post this in. I've never ordered anything from this woman, but she makes the most adorable and amazing jewelery! I am always in awe of how lifelike it is, and I want to eat 10000000 of her pieces. I found out about Pancake Meow over on the Lush forum...
  20. ruby_soho

    If you can't stand upon the water I will see you on the ocean floor

    This was from Thursday, I'm a little slow at posting. I did my makeup up because I went into MAC. I was hoping the manger would be there, but she wasn't . Anyways, here it is! Click to enlarge.