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    Tom Ford Beauty Discussion

    So I got the lip contour duo today ! I was the first in Edinburgh to buy one since I got up so early, I got the shade "Show it off", now I have only worn it once and although the colour is stunning I find the pencil a little useless on me due to it being too light plus it has chunky glitter in...
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    Tom Ford Beauty Discussion

    Okay Guys, I finally got home to try out my new boys and i love Stavros ! Roman is temperamental as its a dark shade and it can be tricky to pull off but its not bad either. Stavros has just enough pink in its base that i can wear it day to day without looking too crazy but Roman is for those...
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    Tom Ford Beauty Discussion

    Just picked up my two boys Stavros and Roman !!! Here are some shade swatches i looked at while at the counter, Daniel is super pretty but just slightly too barbie pink-ish in the glitter department for my taste :mecry:. I will post swatches of my boys on the lips etc when i get home ! :)
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    I just discovered specktra !

    Hey everyone, my name is Ru ! Im 21 year old fashion photographer,beauty blogger and self taught MUA. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. My favourite brands are Guerlain,MAC,Dior,Ysl but i love plenty drugstore brands also :) Nice to meet you all and i look forward to talking to you :).