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    Please ID this lipstick!

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    Nickayla Rivera Red Lip

    Can anyone guess what lipstick brand and shade this could be? It's stunning!
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    Curiousitease Discussion November 15th '07

    I should have specified online stores, not b&m. I see that MAC has them up for sale right now but I don't see any other online stores selling this collection. I ask because the online stores have some fantastic gwps out there and I was hoping to get one with this MAC purchase. Curiousitease...
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    Wedding Makeup

    Hi Ladies! Does anyone know where I can find a detailed & comprehensive website (makeup tutorials w/ pics, tips for long-lasting makeup, tips for creating and maintaining a flawless face, makeup brands that last and photograph natural, etc) for wedding makeup for women of color? If you have...
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    Holiday Haul (Pic)

    Lipgelee set Brunette Brow Finisher (gotta get the shader, though) Smoked Eye Palette Viva Glam VI Lipstick & Lipglass
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    MA did my makeup at 11 a.m.. I took these photos at 7:30 p.m. She did a great job using the Smoked Eyes Palette! She used: Face: Moisture Fix; Prep+Prime Skin (which I love); Studio Fix Fluid; Blot Powder; Sweet As Cocoa Blush Eyes: Paint (I forgot the color); Smoked Eye Palette; Prep+Prime...
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    I'm curious. When you buy something(s) from a new collection, how soon do you play with it? How long do you use the stuff from your new haul before a new collection comes out? Basically, how often do you cheat on, and then, dump your new-old stuff? Vicious cycle!
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    Seduce Me at Night but Lure Me in the Morning

    Hello! This is my FOTD: Face (in order of application): PrepPrime Skin, Strobe cream (cheeks & chin), BE Tinted mineral veil, BE Warm Tan Fdn., Warm Radiance apples, BE Warmth & Gold Deposit on cheeks. Eyes (in order of application): Bare canvas paint Sea Me ss on brush technique (great tip!)...
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    Sending a surprise gift to a member

    I read a member's blog and she is having a really, really tough time. She doesn't know me. I want to cheer her up and send her a surprise gift. I'm not sure if she has PayPal. Is it creepy to do something like this? What's the best way to send a stranger a gift without freaking them out?
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    Temptations Pending on MAC Site

    Hi, (Mods, I apologize if this topic has been posted already. ) MAC has Temptations up on the site now but sale is pending for November 10. Does anyone know if they will make the items available at midnight? Thanks!
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    Help!Weekend trip

    Hi Ladies, I'm going out of town this weekend. I'm limiting myself to one 4-pan palette. What e/s colors would take me from day to night? Is it just a matter of applying a light hand for a day look and then a heavier hand for night? My collection is here...
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    My 'I Love Specktra' Collection

    This was my collection around the time I joined specktra sometime in late May: This is my collection as of today (and still growing): The Container: The Face Stuff Drawer (top): The Eye Stuff Drawer (middle): The Lip Stuff & stuff that wouldn't fit otherwise Drawer (bottom): The...
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    OrnamentalisMe -Mystical Mist & Sensualize

    Oh my god, you guys! I love this! It took no effort whatsoever to blend! Sensualize reminds me of a pigment in a pot! I used it in the inner corner. The rest is Mystical Mist w/ Soft Brown & Naked Lunch as the brow highlight. I hate to say it but none of the palettes appealed to me. I fell...
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    Sephora's Deluxe 12-Samples is giving away 12 samples with $40+ order, plus you will still get the standard 3 samples. The code for the 12-deluxe samples is: treasure05
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    FOTD: Pink Smudge

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    I can't take it!

    I'm really suffering from MAC withdrawal. I haven't bought anything from MAC in about two months. I'm buying skin Prep & Prime. What small must-have item should I get in a $20 range? I'm asking so that I can just grab the two items and get the hell out of there! NO...
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    Cremesticks up on MAC

    Yaaay! Those are up,too!
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    Makeup artist against MAC/ MAC pushing independant artists out of the industry

    I just came across this site while searching for MAC Pro articles: I can only speak from a consumer's perspective. I like MAC because of it's quality and quantity, and not because I assumed make-up artists use MAC for popular models. I know...
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    Green Eye EOTD

    This is my first posting of make-up I applied myself. I hope you guys like it! I used MAC, Milani, & Iman e/s.
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    Paints are now up on site

    As Sigwing noted, the new paints are now up for sale on the Mac website: