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  1. manthanoelle

    An odd sort of request

    Hey everyone, I am not sure if this would be 100% the right spot. But I would really like some recommendations on my blog. I mainly want to know what everyone likes to read on blogs. I just sort of started mine, and I am getting into the swing of it. But I have no clue what people want to...
  2. manthanoelle

    Anyone else have the UD or Benefit pro discounts?

    I contacted both UD and Benefit for their professional discounts and faxed them both over a copy of my resume, my business card and my mac pro card. I do primarily beauty makeup so I don't have a comp card or tear sheet or anything. So that's the best I had that both of them were asking for. If...
  3. manthanoelle

    Collective MAC Birthday Haul (pictures)

    I went to a freestanding and PRO store in lue of my birthday (the 12th), this is more collective since I bought the HK stuff on the 10th via the release date getting bumped up. Thankfully, the girls at the freestanding store I go to most often called me AT WORK to tell me it was out already...
  4. manthanoelle

    Using your B2M rejects

    Mantha Noelle Makeup TUTORIAL IS NOW UP ON MY BLOG. So... I have a billion or at least what feels like a billion, B2M items which I can't use anymore because of the no depotting rule now . I wanted to try to come up with something to do with my depotted B2M rejects. And was wondering if...
  5. manthanoelle

    Florida licensing (?!) question

    This is my first new thread here at Specktra, I am still getting used to things here so if this question is in the wrong area I apologize. I am relocating from California to Florida in October, I am moving from the San Francisco Area which is lucky enough to have a pro store and 3 CCOs with...