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  1. Kalico

    To the ladies who had their children young

    Not necessarily teen mommys, but young mommies in general. Especially surprises and single mommys. I'd like to hear some of your stories about what it was like. What would you have done differently (and not whether or not you would have had him or her... I mean in general), would you have any...
  2. Kalico

    Warning: Awful Animal Cruelty

    This happened in my province. It is so heartbreaking, I can't believe anybody would even do such a thing. It makes me so, so, so angry and I wish nothing but horrific, evil things onto those boys. I wish the animal abuse laws here were more strict. I've been so upset all day since hearing...
  3. Kalico

    Should I get my boss a gift?

    Opinions needed! My boss's birthday is coming up fast and I'm torn about whether or not to get her a gift. I've worked there for 8 months now but very rarely with her. I don't know her at all. The thing is though, she bought me a little gift for Christmas. Also, my co-worker got her something...
  4. Kalico

    Late night drunken phone calls

    I'm on the receiving end of these right now. He won't stop calling me! I'm so pissed that he would even do this! And interrupt my beauty sleep when he KNOWS how important my sleep is to me!!! He tried to guilt me into picking him up because he's drunk. I'm not his cabbie!! What a jerk... At...
  5. Kalico

    Do MAC MA's REALLY hate it when we return things?

    I returned something to my MAC store a few months ago and the MA seemed a little snobbish. She made a big show of throwing the returned product in the garbage, like throwing a basketball through a hoop. I didn't know that returned products got tossed... Maybe I'm just being over sensitive but it...