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  1. chameleonmary

    For fans of Maybelline Full n Soft

    I have heard nothing but praise for this mascara, and because I am worried about losing lashes through removing eye makeup I thought I would give it a shot. Do you find that it removes easily with makeup remover? As I hate tugging the eye area too much when I remove makeup, and some mascaras...
  2. chameleonmary

    YSL Touche Eclat - worth the $$$?

    Ladies and gents, Who has used this product and what is your opinion on it? Miracle product (as all the celebrities claim) or is it just a tad overrated? Are there any cheaper and effective equivalents? Peace Mary
  3. chameleonmary

    If a physical store was selling fake items they wouldn't get away with it...

    So why is Ebay ignoring reports on fake MAC items? I am sure there are plenty of reports and complaints. Is there anything further that can be done, such as report to authorities? I doubt it will do much though! What frustrates me is that legitimate sellers of all kinds of items may struggle...
  4. chameleonmary

    How to determine a faked foundation?

    MAC STUDIO FIX FLUID FOUNDATION SPF 15, NC15, BNIB - eBay, Body Lotion, Body Care, Personal Hygiene, Beauty, Health. (end time 22-May-08 15:00:03 AEST) Hi all! How can I determine if this is a fake foundation? Forgive me if it is bleedingly obvious, I am still a newbie with this!
  5. chameleonmary

    Looking for a website that sells costume jewellery

    Hi! The kind of stuff I am looking for are CC Skye and David Yurman inspired cuffs, studded items, bracelets. I know Shop Kitson has a great range but I cant order in Australia any other suggestions?!
  6. chameleonmary

    Mac Pro memberships in Aus?

    Hi all, sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, but how do Mac Pro memberships work for people who are not qualified makeup artists? Are they still allowed to register for membership and if so, how is it done? I could not see anything on the Aus website, only the US.
  7. chameleonmary

    Planning a NY trip - hotel recommendations?

    Hi all! Since I spend a lot of my cash on makeup I was hoping people could suggest an affordable and somewhat decent hotel for my NY trip at the end of the year... hopefully something within 20 minutes of the city centre? Thanks!!!
  8. chameleonmary

    Making your own colour bath or semi permanent hair colour

    Hi all! I have just cut ma hair and have realised how damaged it used to be from all the permanent hair colour I used... I have been told a semi permanent colour or a colour bath can give a good colour payoff without being as damaging as a normal permanent colour. I usually stock up on...
  9. chameleonmary

    Fake everything!

    Here is another to add to "THE LIST"! eBay Seller: rupolo1969: Makeup, Women items on eBay Australia
  10. chameleonmary

    Does anyone here have a surface piercing?

    I would LOVE to have a piercing on my nape, does anyone have a surface piercing and if so, what was the experience like?
  11. chameleonmary

    Lip Smackers!

    Who is in love with Lip Smackers? They are my guilty guilty make up pleasure... cheap, cheerful and smell great!
  12. chameleonmary

    Empty pans for pigment pressing in Aus?

    Hi all, where do you all buy your empty pans for pigment pressing in Australia?
  13. chameleonmary

    Please report this seller - nothing says 'guilty' like "user ID kept private"...

    Grrr... I constantly messaged bidders on this sellers items and they must have caught up to what was going on. Now they have made their bidder IDs private. Thanks Ebay for helping the bad guys, once again! Some of the prices they are going for are shocking! Can you please 1. advise me how to...
  14. chameleonmary

    Where to buy MAC 15 pan palettes in Sydney?

    Hi all, where can I buy the 15 pan palettes in Sydney?
  15. chameleonmary

    Dior pretty charms lip gloss?

    Hi all, I have found a very well priced Dior charms lip gloss in 2 different shades, but would like to get a few opinions on authenticity (can they be faked?) and if anyone owns such a charm, is it an actual necklace or bracelet? Christian Dior Pretty Charms Lip Gloss 001 BRAND NEW - eBay, Lip...
  16. chameleonmary

    Microwaving food - does it destroy nutritional content?

    Hi all, just wanted to know, in particular with vegetables, do vitamins and essential nutrients disappear when food is reheated in a microwave?
  17. chameleonmary

    Losing weight? Please keep this going! Motivation & inspiration thread.

    Ladies/gents, I realised a few days ago that I am back at the weight I originally was before I lost my 14kg (which is around 30 pounds). I am hoping to get back on track, lose that weight again and perhaps another 10-15 additional pounds. I know what I need to do... I know what to eat and...
  18. chameleonmary

    How can I embrace my natural wave?

    My waist length hair has a lovely natural wave to it... well, that is, when you look past the frizz and flyaways! What do you ladies use to embrace and enhance your natural wave? I am over the wet look with hair mousse, and am trying to stay away from heated styling tools, at least until the...
  19. chameleonmary

    Ladies (and gentlemen)! Do NOT throw out those cheapie nailpolishes just yet!

    I have discovered the most incredible basecoat to give even the cheapest polish st least 5 days staying power! I am not sure if this has been mentioned int he forums, and forgive me if it has... but OPI CHIP SKIP really, really works. I bought a bottle off Ebay, it cost me less than $15 AUD...
  20. chameleonmary

    Not exactly counterfeit goods but...

    This ebay seller is taking images from panacea from ebay and youtube I am sure of it!!! Can anyone verify this? Are they allowed to do this? ~* MAC *~ Pigment Eye Shadow * Chartreuse * NEW 2.5g - eBay, Eye Shadow, Makeup, Beauty, Health. (end time 07-Dec-07 20:30:00 AEDST)