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  1. jetjet

    Ikea Moppe Storage

    I posted my stash and storage a while back but since then I've moved and I've changed things up..... The mini drawers are from Ikea (the big ones too, and the mirror/jewellery stand and the pot/brush holder lol) and the style is...
  2. jetjet

    Wanna peek in my drawers?

    Hey Specktrettes, I thought I'd share my stash with you all Now my collection is small by specktra standards, maybe we'll call it well edited? that'll make a nice euphemism eh? My walk in wardrobe has a bench, and on it sits two acrylic drawers On top are my brushes (real...
  3. jetjet

    Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara dupe?

    Given Estée Lauder's epic backflip on animal testing I can no longer happily purchase mac or Clinique. I've found alternatives for a lot of things but I'm struggling with mascara. Can anyone reccommend an alternative to clinique's naturally glossy mascara? As the name suggests is really natural...
  4. jetjet

    softest eyeliner?

    I've got MAC's eye pencil in coffee, and it sucks. It tugs and skips on my upper lids. It seemed awesome instore, but even when it's freshly sharpened, and warmed up in my hands, it still sucks. Any recommendations for the other formulas in the eyeliner lines? I've got a few...
  5. jetjet

    hi boys and girls

    I've lurked here far too long .... I've only really become obsessed with makeup in last 12-18mths, and I've learnt so much from Specktra, so i figured i should give back :) So hi!!