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  1. aautumnah

    Sensualize EOTD

    Used: Sensualize e/s Pollen e/s Trax e/s Coquette e/s Dior Show mascara I tried to photoshop my funky stray eyebrows out but as you can see, failed. So anyway...
  2. aautumnah

    Quick Studio Fix Fluid and Petticoat Face

    I just bought SFF and Petticoat, love it!! Other than that, my face is boring and bland (as usual). You guys inspire me to try bolder things but when push comes to shove I'm a lily. Speaking of lily, I'm down here in Bermuda, and the Sweetie Cake collection isn't out yet and I'm impatiently...
  3. aautumnah

    My "I can't take pictures to save my ass" fotd

    So here's my blah, boring fotd. I just bought a new 7.1 megapixel camera and still can't figure out how to get a clear, close shot. I suck.
  4. aautumnah

    Red lips and a visitor!

    I used Tigi Feisty Lip pencil And my special visitor today!
  5. aautumnah

    First time lining inner rims FOTD :)

    Eyes: MAC Naked Pigment MAC Sensualize MAC Blacktrack MAC Vanilla MF Lash Perfection Face: Chanel Vitalumier in Limpid Sonia Kashuk loose powder Lancome concealer TIGI Blush Lips: BB Naked l/l MAC Flash of Flesh Constructive criticism always welcome!!
  6. aautumnah


    Here was my look for a festivus party: Used: Eyes: BB Shimmering Sand MAC Sensualize MAC Blacktrack MF Lash Perfection Face: Chanel Vitalumiere Blush from LORAC Croc Lips: BB Bare l/l MAC Adventurous l/g
  7. aautumnah

    First FOTD (kind of)

    Be kind!! I can't remember exactly what was used except GA Lip Shimmer #12 and YSL Faux Cils Mascara. Any advice greatly appreciated!! Eeek! Sorry about the size!!
  8. aautumnah

    Anyone care to do me a solid?

    I'm looking to put a picture of a very beautifully made up eye on my soon-to-be website about makeup (I'll divulge more later on)...was hoping one of the beautiful people here could help me out. It can be anything you want but try to limit it to just your eye or eyes, no whole faces please...
  9. aautumnah

    My first FOTD

    This is more a test than anything but any thoughts on what to improve would be great!!
  10. aautumnah

    Please vote for my puppy!

    I voted for all but *love* the second one!! So cute!!
  11. aautumnah

    Hello!! New Member Alert!!

    Hi all! I just came over from MUA and love this site!! I'm excited to sit down when I'm not at work and look it all over!!