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  1. SingFrAbsoltion

    Wedding attire

    I need some honest advice. I'm going to be attending a wedding and I'm a bit worried about the color of the dresses I purchased. It's ivory. Is this totally unacceptable? I really don't want to seem rude. The dress itself is not bridal style at all, it's a knee length pencil dress. I was...
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    Recs for this lip color?

  3. SingFrAbsoltion

    Please Help Me Find Dupes for These Shadows!

    My friend who is a MUA gave me this palette about a year ago, she got it at some makeup convention and doesn't know the name of the brand. All these eyeshadows are amazing, probably the best I ever used. They are very silky, blend well, and have an awesome color payoff. And I looove the colors...
  4. SingFrAbsoltion

    One piece bathing suits

    How the hell do you wear them? I bought this last year: It's so adorable but I never wore it because of tan-lines and whatnot. And also, it seems uncomfortable being on the beach in an all black bathing suit So, any suggestions on wearing these? TIA!
  5. SingFrAbsoltion

    My job is pissing me off

    Okay, so I cannot stress enough just how much I hate working in retail, but as a student it's hard to find something that fits your schedule, so I'm pretty much left with no choice. Anyway, I work with all girls, there's never ending drama, finger pointing, you name it. I overheard people...
  6. SingFrAbsoltion

    What fades hair color?

    I've been dyeing my hair dark brown for the past year but I want to go back to my natural color which is a medium brown. My ends are darker than my roots and I'm afraid the color would be uneven. What can I do to fade them? I don't want to damage my hair, so even if it's something that will take...
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    Question about glasses

    I've been needing new glasses for a while, and while browsing online I saw a Marc by Marc Jacobs frame that I loved. The only problem is, I can't buy it online because it's very hard for me to find frames that look good, and even though they look like the right shape I don't want to take my...
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    Annoying habits

  9. SingFrAbsoltion

    Extremely Flammable

    It's a fitting title considering the fact that I have horrible PMS and am about to explode at any moment. Anyway... please excuse the mopey faces it's almost 4am Eyes: UDPP Milani Snowfrost Flammable Shadowy Lady UD Sin Beauty Marked Blacktrack Lancome definicils mascara Face: Stila...
  10. SingFrAbsoltion

    Boots and other clothes for cold weather, help!

    I'm going to visit my relatives in Moscow, and I haven't been there during the winter for about 7 years. All I know it, there's a crapload of snow. I just looked up the weather there and it varies from 30-20something F or -1-5C I know it might get colder. I'm a person who gets cold really...
  11. SingFrAbsoltion

    Doctors, wtf?

    My ear piercing got infected , and I don't know what to do right now. I've just called about 6 offices and the doctors are either not in, or don't take new patients. I'm in pain
  12. SingFrAbsoltion

    Portfolio advice?

    So I got an application from my MAC counter today and since I have no makeup experience(but 2 years of retail experience) I wanted to attach looks I have done so they can see my work. I just have no idea how to arrange it or anything! Any suggestions would be great =]
  13. SingFrAbsoltion

    Crazy Psycho Bitch

    Okay, so I posted here before about my boyfriend's crazy ex. So long story short, they were together for a year and a half, he dumps her because she is a dirty skank, she threatens to kill him and his family. So I start going out with him about 6 months later, she finds out, goes around telling...
  14. SingFrAbsoltion

    Question About Plated Jewelry

    I'm looking to buy gold hoop earrings because my fake ones always get dark and i'm sick of cleaning them but I really can't afford solid gold ones, and I found a really cute pair of 18k gold plated ones. Will I a problem with them getting dark and looking all dirty and gross? TIA!
  15. SingFrAbsoltion

    Crazy ex's!

    From browsing this forum I see quite a few topics about crazy girls who just won't let it go. So everyone, share your experiences and what you did about it. My story: My boyfriend was with this girl for a year and a half. Over that time she basically exhausted him emotionally because she's...
  16. SingFrAbsoltion

    Leopard Eyes! Purrrrr

    What I used: Cheap crap I had lying around! Mary Kay Moonstone Covergirl mocha moca and coffee cafe some regular black shadow as a liner and Mary Kay black pencil liner Lancome Definicils mascara Stila foundation
  17. SingFrAbsoltion

    Smoke that Maui Wowie

    I kid. But it is an awesome eye shadow =] Eyes: maui wowie, shattered, vapor, liquid eyeliner in smog and lancome definicils mascara. I'm a UD addict =]
  18. SingFrAbsoltion

    n00b FOTD =D

    I was bored =P what I used: all shadows are UD maui wowie, grifter, shattered, chopper
  19. SingFrAbsoltion


    Hi ladies =] I've been lurking for a while and finally decided to come out! I have a makeup obsession and I'm here to learn from all you experts!